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On the comb wig | female natural | long | fake horsetail | fluffy | girls caught clip hair tail

On the comb wig | female natural | long | fake horsetail | fluffy | girls caught clip hair tail
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: on the comb
  • Wig single product: smw92
  • Color classification: natural black 'high temperature silk' black brown 'high temperature silk' dark brown 'high temperature silk' light brown 'high temperature silk'
  • Hair material: high temperature silk

This clip-style horsetail is our store is relatively long is relatively more volume of the tail, like to take the princess route may wish to try the next tall girl with this will be very temperament Oh

Not shaking before the original wearing effect

(The degree of shaking different degrees of different volume)

The following shows indoor shooting

'Shine after the fluffy wear effect'

Forced shaking, the tail will become fluffy, shiny will appear more Oh, volume will be more natural, the effect is very romantic!

First show indoor shooting effect

'Show the following shine after the fluffy outdoor shooting effect'

Claw clip display (claw clip color to prevail in kind)

You are concerned about the problem

Q: 'How will the top of the clip be exposed?'
A:''We teach you how to deal with 'The bottom of the clip there is a drawstring, you can tighten, then the clip above the hole Shoulong, and will not reveal the clip, and if your hair more, then the hole does not need Shoulong, it just coincides with the pro
1 this natural unnatural?
This is a high simulation, as long as the color with their hair color close to wear it are very natural Oh
2 what color should I choose?
The first principle of choosing a color is to pick the closest to your own.
If you have black hair, we recommend you use black, if your hair is naturally yellowish color, we recommend you use black brown, black brown is malnourished hair color The
The color of the general dyed in the dark brown with light brown inside the choice of dark brown similar to the chestnut color, is redish brown light brown is dyed yellow, that is, the model wear color