Electric pump | 12V24V reversing oil pump | Suction pump | Self-priming diesel pump oil pump |

Electric pump | 12V24V reversing oil pump | Suction pump | Self-priming diesel pump oil pump |

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: SUROM / Athlon
  • Model Number: 111
  • Pump Type: Other
  • Color Classification: 24V forward and reverse oil pump 24V forward reversal pump +3 meter tube 12V forward reversal pump +6 meter tube 24V forward reversing oil pump +6 meter tube 12V forward reversing oil pump +3 meter tube 12V forward reversing oil pump 220V Oil pump 220V oil pump +3 m pipe 220V oil pump +6 m pipe
  • Pump drive: electric
  • Material: cast iron

Buy oil pumping on the day cat, choose a professional electric pumping unit, please choose a professional professional pump manufacturer, a variety of products can choose, detailed point below the picture! Austrian force tools, endless!

This pump mainly pumping diesel kerosene a class, is strictly prohibited pumping gasoline and other flammable liquids, as well as viscosity, such as edible oil, a class. Also can not be pumped, please pay attention if necessary explosion-proof pump or large viscosity pump, please contact customer service Professional customer service for you to choose a good pump!

This product is mainly used for mining machinery, engineering machinery, such as bulldozers, excavators, loaders and other mechanical equipment, fuel and vehicle-owned power supply refueling and oil. The pump self-priming fast, high lift, large flow, Easy to carry and so on, greatly saving the fuel waiting time.

DC plus pump

12 (24) V The pump has passed the rigorous test of temperature and seismic resistance, the protection grade is IP55, the quality is good. The use of car battery, super self-priming, quick refueling, installation with filter bottom valve, clean diesel. Compact, suitable for all kinds of construction machinery, to overcome the difficulties of site refueling. Selling prices are cost price promotions, and hope that the pro hurry it.

In response to customer needs, the company introduced a new pump with positive and negative rotation function, the benefits of positive and negative pumping again after the liquid, open the reverse switch, the oil inside the tubing back to the oil tank, so convenient Many customers can buy according to their needs are positive and negative rotation and no reversal of the pump

Accessories: two joints, clip two instructions, one filter

Suggesting that there is no O-ring connector at the raw material belt, if it is with raw material with no O-ring, 2 is the same function.

Oil pump with overheating, overload and other protection functions, the motor uses high-quality permanent magnets, high-quality copper wire enamel magnet, low voltage design.


1. Power supply should be used to confirm whether and marked power (12V or 24V)

2. Positive and negative voltage 5%. DC power supply 12V or 24V, pay attention to positive and negative.

3. When the pump is used for the first time, it should be pumped in the pump head to increase the suction force.

4. Oil inlet pipe and joint can not leak to ensure the suction process must be installed with the company supporting the end of the valve with a filter to ensure the oil clean.

Note: Not suitable for low-fuel fuel (such as gasoline, LPG, alcohol, etc.) delivery.

Need to purchase pro please photographed payment,


Contact customer service for metering and tubing purchase

Simple chemical gun digital measuring oil gun tubing


The main technical parameters:

Voltage: DC12V or 24V Suction: 5m

Head: 10m Flow: 45L / min

Out of oil diameter: 25mm