Electric pump | 12V24V reversing pumps | suction pump | self-priming diesel pumps pump | tanker

Electric pump | 12V24V reversing pumps | suction pump | self-priming diesel pumps pump | tanker

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: SUROM / Athlon
  • Model: 111
  • Pump Type: Other / other
  • Color Classification: 24V 24V Reversible Reversible pump pump pump reversing +3 nanotubes 12V 24V reversing pump +6 +6 nanotube nanotubes 12V reversing pump +3 nanotubes 12V reversing pump 220V 220V pump pump pump 220V +6 +3 nanotube nanotubes
  • Pump drive: electric
  • Material: cast iron

Buy oil pumping heaven cat, choose a professional electric pumping, please choose a professional pump manufacturer specializing in a variety of products to choose from, elaborate picture below!! Austrian tool, endless!

This pump is pumping kerosene and diesel category, non-flammable liquids such as gasoline pump and the viscosity of such edible oil category. Can not be pumped, please note that before buying, if necessary pump explosion or a large viscosity pump please contact customer service the most professional customer service for your selection of the most suitable good pump!

This product is mainly used for mining machinery, engineering machinery, such as bulldozers, excavators, loaders and other machinery and equipment and automotive fuel self-powered fuel and oil. The pump is self-priming Fast, high lift, large flow, small size, easy to carry, the fuel saving waiting time.

DC plus pump

12 (24) V pumps rigorous temperature and seismic performance tests, protection class IP55,, good quality. Use the car battery, super self-absorption, rapid refueling, the installation of a foot valve with strainer, clean diesel. The pump design compact, suitable for all kinds of construction machinery, to overcome the difficult problems the site refueling. sale price is the cost price promotions, the pro who quickly it. hit.

In response to customer needs, the company introduced a new pump with reverse rotation of the pump, reversing the benefits of smoked again after the liquid, turn reverse switch look, you can put the tubing inside the oil tank back in time, so convenient many customers can buy according to their needs and there is no reversing reversing pump

Accessories: two connectors, clamps two brochures, a filter

Tip O-ring joints would not with the raw material, if it is with with the raw material with no O-ring, two kinds of the same functions.

Pump with overheating, overload protection, permanent magnet motor with high-quality, high-quality enamelled copper wire, low voltage design.


1. Front Power shall verify and mark power match. (12V or 24V)

2. The difference between the charging voltage plus or minus 5%. 12V DC power supply or 24V, pay attention to the positive. Negative.

3. When using the pump for the first time should be added to the suction head a little to increase the suction hose out as shown in the arrow direction.

4. The inlet pipe and fittings can not leak to ensure that suction lift must be installed with the companies supporting the filter bottom valve, in order to ensure clean of oil.

Note: not suitable for low-fuel-fired electricity (such as gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas, alcohol, etc.) transport.

Need to buy pro directly photographed payment,


Meter and tubing need to contact customer service to purchase

Simple chemical metering gun Digital oil gun outlet pipe

The main technical parameters:

Voltage: DC12V or 24V Suction: 5m

Head: 10m Flow: 45L / min

Out of the oil-diameter: 25mm