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VASANA matte light skin color invisible double eyelid tape | super-viscous tape with beautiful eyes affixed | optional

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Product parameters:

  • Double eyelid Product Category: double eyelid tape
  • Brand: VASANA
  • Name: matt light skin color wide double eyelid paste
  • Specifications Type: Normal Specification
  • Efficacy: waterproof other
  • Shelf life: 5 years
  • made in China

There are two batches, the naked eye will see two colors, one is yellowish (the first figure is the kind of yellowish), one is white, random delivery, but the effect is the same, in fact, is Tape in the roll up when the tightness of different volumes of tight on the yellow, the volume of loose on the white side, stick to the white paper or anywhere, the color is completely camera, light skin color, invisible.

The professional makeup artist's make-up box is absolutely essential for a double eyelid tape on the market for those who have cut the good double-paste, the total is not suitable for everyone, because everyone's eyes are different, so it is still According to their own characteristics of the eye to cut Oh

Want to make your eyelid eyes bigger? Cut a cut, paste a paste, arbitrary, beautiful makeup on the show so out! Beautiful make-up steps: 1 with the elbow cut The ideal curvature, the length of the eyelid length for their good ~ 2. Micro eyes closed, looking for their own eyeliner, if it is already double eyelid, and paste it in the top of the seam (so you can make the eyes look bigger If you are single eyelids, you have to look for the right location, and generally attached to the distance 0.5CM at the eyelashes .3. Open your eyes, you can see their magic eyes slightly larger, and then use the Yan Foundation foundation, Note: the eye must also hit the part of the oh ~ and then on the eye shadow, false eyelashes affixed, wow, a beautiful doll on the birth of this slightly ~ so you can naturally, others are not easy to see you pasted double eyelid tape oh ~ Of course, to this extent also need to practice more than MM friends ~ 1, natural sunlight to take pictures! Want to change the charming double eyelid? Want to make your eyelids bigger eyes? Cut a cut, paste a paste, arbitrary, Beautiful makeup on the show so out! Now a lot of Japanese and Korean star double eyelid big eyes is to rely on the LOOK, more easy to use false eyelashes, make the eyes bigger and more beautiful Oh! Is the bride makeup indispensable charm DD ~ On the mirror! A multi-purpose make-up good helper!
Sticky and paste, and skin color, as double eyelid tape is also easy to marked eye shadow, bid farewell to the glide on the slip of the eye shadow powder trouble ~!