Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: NOYAFA
  • Model: 801B
  • Item No .: 801B
  • 801B blue (factory configuration) 801B receiver (bare metal) 1 801B blue gift: the module line, BNC head NF-801B Telecom 14-piece set (factory configuration) 801B red (factory configuration) Professional Kit NF-801R Network Maintenance 14-Piece Set 801B Transmitter (bare metal) 1 801R Transmitter (bare metal) 1 801R Receiver (bare metal) 1
  • Decoration and construction content: hydropower projects

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NF-800 Series 801 models

801BAnd 801R belong to the same model, features and accessories are the same, but the color is different

NOYAFA Connaught Ark - smart mice NF-801B /801R Multipurpose cable hunt

Factory configuration Send the module line, BNC head (140 yuan / set)

Product Features:

1. In the switch, the router is turned on Find 8-core network cable (Unshielded).

Because this does not have the anti-jamming function, Huawei switchboard, as well as the large-scale switchboard starts hunt the interference to be too big.Is necessary to purchase other anti-jamming models to be possible to find, may act according to own actual use situation, contact our customer recommend the suitable product.

2. Can find telephone lines, 8-core network cable, and through the crocodile folder wire test common wire. (Hunt is a weak product, not with a strong line, the voltage is higher than 55V machine will burn)

3. In the switch, the router on the test state of the network cable on and off, cross.

Functional Description:

1. Transmitter through the alligator clip can be tested open circuit, short circuit.

2. Transmitter through the crocodile folder can be tested straight-line current of the positive and negative.

3. Illumination function: easy to work in dark or dark environment. Receiver side of the 'OFF / ON', the switch file.

4. Headphone function; Convenient in the noisy, or long-range hunt to use when the sound is weak. Receiver side of a small hole for the headphone jack.

5. Volume adjustable function; convenient in the switches, routers, accessories rack multi-line closely connected, by adjusting the volume to find the target line.Volume adjustment switch is located on the right side of the receiver.

Factory configuration
801R (Red)