Novo Ark smart mouse NF-801B instrument Hunt | Hunt devices | cable tester | check thread | Network cable tester

Novo Ark smart mouse NF-801B instrument Hunt | Hunt devices | cable tester | check thread | Network cable tester

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: NOYAFA
  • Model: 801B
  • Product Number: 801B
  • Color Classification: 801R red gift: modular cable, BNC head 801R red (factory configuration) 801B blue (factory configuration) 801B Receiver (bare metal) a 801B blue gifts: modular cable, BNC head NF-801B Telecom 14 sets professional NF-801R network maintenance Kit 14 sets of suits 801B transmitter (bare metal) a 801R emitter (bare metal) 1
  • Renovation and construction content: Hydropower Engineering

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NF-800 Series Model 801

801B801R and belong to the same kind of model, features and accessories are the same, just different colors

NOYAFA promise Ark - smart mouse NF-801B /801R Hunt is a multi-purpose cable

Original configuration Send module line, BNC head (140 yuan / set)

Product Features:

1. bootable on switches, routers in the state Look for 8-core network cable (Unshielded).

Because this is no anti-interference function. Huawei switches and a large power switch hunt too much interference. Need to buy other models before they can seek immunity, can according to their actual usage, contact our customer service recommend suitable products.

2. You can find the telephone line, 8-core network cable and alligator clip wire test by ordinary wire. (Hunt instrument is weak products, with strong power can not hunt, the machine will burn voltage higher than 55V)

3. Bootable a state test network cable off the switches, routers, cross.

Functional Description:

1. The transmitter can be tested by alligator clip wire opens, shorts.

2. The transmitter via alligator clips straight line to test the current level of positive and negative.

The lighting features: easy at night or dark environment, the normal operation of the receiver side there is 'OFF / ON', the switch gear.

4. Headphone function; convenient in a noisy, or use long distance to find a weak voice, the receiver side of the line there is a small hole for the headphone jack.

5. Volume adjustable function; convenient when the switches, routers and accessories line the shelves more closely linked, by adjusting the volume size to find the target line volume control switch is located on the right side of the receiver.

Original factory configuration
801R (red section)