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Tianwei Ink | For EPSON Continuous Printer | 100ml ML CIS Ink System

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Product parameters:

  • Color: buy black green red yellow 4 color set to buy black green red yellow light red light green 6 color a set of 100ML light red ink (6 colors even for the printer only need to buy this) 100ML light cyan ink (6 colors even for the printer only need Buy this) 100ML red / magenta ink 100ML blue / cyan ink 100ML yellow ink 100ML black ink
  • Net content: 100 mL
  • Applicable brands: Epson
  • Brand: PRINT-RITE / Tianwei
  • Model: R230

'Manufacturers': Zhuhai Tianwei Pan-Ling Trade Co., Ltd.
'Company Address': 7 / F, Block A, Tianwei Building, Block 3-1B, Zhuhai Park, Zhuhai-Macao Cross-border Industrial Zone, Zhuhai City
'Free technical advice hotline': 400-8800-222 turn 2
'Brand': Tianwei brand
'Model': Tianwei - EPSON-6 color -100ML-REFILL-new appearance-DYE (dye ink)
'Product Category': Class A
'Filling volume': 100 ml
'Color': Black, Blue, Red, Yellow,

'For models': EPSON Epson printer one machine

6 colors ink price, pro can choose the appropriate color and quantity to join the shopping cart and then submit the order. You can also choose a color, select the color of the ink, The number of purchase. Give us a message that needs the color and we will be based on the pro-message to help you ship.

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