Wrist computer mouse pad thickened creative cute office Datuo wrist pad mouse hand catcher LOL game pad

Wrist computer mouse pad thickened creative cute office Datuo wrist pad mouse hand catcher LOL game pad

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Material: Cloth
  • Color Category: Black gold red blue
  • Brand: jincomso
  • Model: JK-V3B

Please note that before Oh shoot, mouse pad This is ABS plastic hard mouse pad, the product more durable, not easy to damage the edge, the restaurant manager also using this mouse pad has been used for 5 years


Mouse pad and keyboard wrist rests with a price Only 48 yuan , Only 200

Mouse pad with a key surface mouse pad with a price Only 38 yuan Equal gift, only 100

Combination with the package is not only more cost-effective price, and he is more comfortable Oh, do not miss it, do not say I did not warn you to

Long-term front of a computer pro please pay attention to your hand friends:

Long-term use of the mouse caused by the mouse hand

Please use with memory foam wrist mouse pad!

Mouse hand characteristics:

(Pro, raise your right hand and see if you have symptoms which mouse hand)

Serious mouse hand:

Mouse hand hazards:

Business owners every day with a keyboard, mouse dealings, everyone knows, this has been quietly buried the 'curse' - carpal syndrome, commonly known as 'mouse hand' a lot of friends in order to allow the wrist less affected by point 'crime' was used with. there are wrist function mouse pad. However, experts point out, mouse wrist pad to select very carefully, otherwise it will backfire. long-term use of the keyboard and mouse, wrist to withstand intensive, repeated, excessive activity, local edema will occur wrist tube median nerve compression, it could lead to 'mouse hand'.

The patient will feel the hand tingling, weakness, can not make a fist and grip small objects, with the symptoms get worse, you may not drive to develop and clothing. Hand muscles white, hand function to irreversible damage. Serious may occur hand permanent disability. in addition, patients may occur reflex sympathetic dystrophy, with the result that the patient had to give up working with computer-related.