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VASANA Japanese material super - stick invisible non - reflective eyelid molding paste S / M / L 540 paste

VASANA Japanese material super - stick invisible non - reflective eyelid molding paste S / M / L 540 paste
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Product parameters:

  • Double eyelid Product Category: double eyelid tape
  • Brand: VASANA
  • Name: Shallow skin color molding stickers
  • Specifications Type: Normal Specification
  • Efficacy: waterproof other
  • Shelf life: 5 years
  • Origin: Taiwan Province

Each piece of 20 back (10 pairs), free combination, For example, S No. 9 + M No. 9 + L No. 9 = 540 stickers (270 pairs) or S No. 20 + L No. 7 = 540 back (270 pairs)

Seller Reminder: There are three kinds of width S / M / L of the points, please be sure to leave a message or tell us to be wide or thin, do not know the model or not send a random random Oh.

Shopkeeper natural light shooting, sticky adhesive tape is very good, need a one-time success Oh, if the position did not stick, down sticky, of course, there will be no sticky myself.

What does my eye fit?

A: We can only suggest that the election of the eyelid pine wide, tight on the eyelids, or younger age, then select the small, the same doctrine on the half right! Like shoes, 36 yards, 38 yards difference, everyone Suitable for the model is not the same, so the width of the proposal to decide their own Kazakhstan. Personal recommendations are for reference only, wrong, wide and uncomfortable, do not assume any responsibility, 99% of people can paste.


1: usually do not paste anything into the eyes of double eyelid fit
Please select our shop 'double-sided eyelid'
2: usually not used, but do not know for their fine section Can use the 'double eyelid tape'
3: usually past know what model is pasted Please purchase 'Eyelid paste' search
4: usually want others to completely 100% do not see
Please buy: 'double-fold glue'
Eyelid above men and women can be used

This double-fold for the single-sided, flesh-colored, the type of each person is not the same, so please carefully select each of a double-fold.

Some buyers mentioned less sticky? A: When peeled off from the middle must be removed, do not pinch the side of the hand, or is the sticky 'transparent plastic' will not stick, right? Ha ha. Ties, the face of the case, you can also off 1-4 days can not afford.This is my personal trial after the heart Oh ~

I want a sticky? A: After years of experience, with too sticky will pull the eyelid skin broken, or even bleeding. So choose the viscosity of the double-fold paste.

My eyes for what kind of double-fold? A: pro, the problem is difficult to answer, oh ~ ~ Recommended to buy shape, or double eyelid tape to cut their own, or double eyelid glue can be like shoes, with the product, some suitable for 36 yards, 37 yards.

Why do not I buy the paste into the double eyelid? A: This is to keep up with the tightness of the eyelids, attached to his eyes not forming, try to paste in the eyes of friends, you can shape, so do not blame our products are not good oh ~