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Manual single - channel adjustable pipette 1/5 / 10ml 200 / 1000ul gun

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Eppendorf (Germany)
  • Model: Research plus
  • Research plus
  • Color Classification: 0.1-2.5ul 0.5-10ul 2-20ul 10-100ul 20-200ul 30-300ul 100-1000ul 0.5-5ml 1-10ml 1-10ml (This Month Special) eppendorf Pipette holder (can be linked to a pipette (2-20ul, 20-200ul, 100-1000ul) Three +3 pack hardcover Suction head Set 2: (2-20ul, 20-200ul, 100-1000ul) Three + 3 boxes hardcover adapter tip set 3: (100-1000ul, 0.5-5ml, 1-10ml) 3 +1 box hardcover pipette accessories
  • Decoration and construction content: installation works