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Counting | Counting | Encoder | Length Controller | Roller High Speed ​​Counting Meter

Counting | Counting | Encoder | Length Controller | Roller High Speed ​​Counting Meter
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: AOTUKER
  • Model: 0038
  • Product No
  • Color Category: single buy instrument with 300mm perimeter round with a full set of 200mm round meter round plus control box plus alarm light without wheels without meters (inkjet printer or PLC supporting the use of)
  • Decoration and construction content: installation works

First, use
It is mainly used in measuring the length of textile, cable, paper and other wire, wire, tube and strip in the production process. Control. Because the sensor uses the reversible photoelectricity sensor, has overcome the mechanical measuring machine because of the mechanical wear or the slippery brings low life, the precision which the precision shortcomings, the mechanical counter has the remarkable enhancement, the positive and negative 0.2% Anti-interference ability, the operation shows simple and intuitive.The product design of the internal high-performance positive and negative direction to determine the circuit, with the optical encoder with the two directions can be measured length, which can be superimposed meter, Meter!
By changing the setting coefficient, the measurement results can be arbitrarily trimmed, so that the measured value and the actual value of the same.It does not require the manufacture of precision encoder wheel or user's sampling wheel, almost any diameter. This easy to install, But also reduces the error caused by the installation can be applied to any model, any occasion of the meter.
Second, the structural characteristics and the main technical specifications
1. Length measurement and length control range: 00000.0-99999.9m, 0000.00- 9999.99m, 000000-999999m
Display unit mm centimeter, decimeter, rice, can be a key switch code number display!
Reversible two-way meter
3. Pulse equivalent: 0.00001 ~ 99.9999 adjustable
4. Dimensions (width × height × depth): 72 × 72 × 85mm Installation hole size (width × height): 68 × 68mm Count meter round perimeter 200mm

5: error adjustment function
6: Initial value setting

Third, the main function

1, reversible count: the measured object forward movement, the reverse movement of the reduction, no commutation error.

2. With the power failure protection function, after the power failure, the original set number and the current count value remain before the power failure state, after resuming the power supply, the instrument then continues to work before the power failure.

3, fixed-length output: When the meter to set the count value (you can set two different values), the instrument output contact signal (normally closed normally closed), then normally closed contact can be directly controlled equipment parking or other Alarm, etc., then normally open contacts can control the machine start or power, the alarm connected to the normally open contacts, reach the set number of meters alarm, alarm time 0.1-9.9 seconds arbitrarily set, two relay output action Mode combination of arbitrary settings!

4, by setting the alarm alarm to achieve early warning function, such as 9 meters alarm, alarm 5 seconds to reach 10 meters automatically reset the meter meter!

5, external clear terminal, through the external switch operation to clear the count display

6, external code table button, you can switch all the external code table

7, the count value, the coefficient value can be set flexibly, in the case of constant production parameters, a set number can be long-term work.

With detailed installation wiring diagram and instrumentation instructions! Two sets of preset output settings