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Love group of stealth milk paste paste breathable invisible chest paste / silicone underwear swim anti-bump milk paste no trace G8699X

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: milk paste invisible breathable invisible chest paste ...
  • Time to market: Spring / summer 2014
  • Brand: love group silk
  • Style No .: yh-8080
  • Color Classification: round a pair of plum pair
  • Shape: eight flower-shaped
  • Fabric classification: Silica gel

The mark of love ~ charming petal type chest paste

★ any clothes, any occasion, so you do not perfect ~

Suitable for different thorax can usually be placed on the underwear can also be placed in the bikini

To the club to put on sexy sultry low-cut girls girls always want to know how to protect themselves

In the bikini night of passionate hip buttocks but afraid of dew point emptied

So you need to invisible chest paste the presence of the breast will be quietly to upgrade Oh

Carefully designed ☆ ☆ point care Jiao function, double the protection of a woman's sensitive parts!

How to use it:
1, tear off the film after the point can be affixed to Jia point.
2, when used, please keep the areola part of the skin dry, so as not to affect the paste effect.

1, please place the child can not get place.
2, there are wounds, eczema, swelling and other abnormalities do not use.
3, Do not put in the vicinity of fire, or high temperature and humidity, direct sunlight, so as not to cause deformation or deterioration.
4, based on the protection of consumer personal hygiene, this personal products will not accept returns, thank you!
5, cleaning, use water with a little soap or shower gel wash and hand wash, to avoid thrown into the machine, to maintain the life of the chest paste!
6, washed to shake off the excess water, put it back to the transparent box to dry naturally, and then cover the lid.
7, do not use towels, tissue paper and other cleansing chest paste, because the fabric fibers and silicone part of the bond.