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Fetal Mithril Sphygmomanometer Blood Pressure Meter | Manual Blood Pressure Monitor | Household Medical Upper Arm Pressure Gauges

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Product parameters:

  • Origin: Jiangsu Danyang
  • Function: measure blood pressure
  • Medical Device Product Name: Mercury Sphygmomanometer
  • Brand: diving
  • Model: Desktop
  • Value-added services: no time
  • Implementation of the standard number: Su food and drug supervision (quasi) word 2007 No. 2200607
  • Registration number: Su food and drug supervision (quasi) word 2007 No. 2200607
  • Disease: Hypertension
  • Symptoms: high blood pressure
  • Blood pressure instrument type: mercury sphygmomanometer
  • The crowd: middle-aged
  • Applicable parts: upper arm
  • Buy hot: semi-automatic
  • Color classification: a single sphygmomanometer (without stethoscope) sphygmomanometer + stethoscope alone stethoscope + stethoscope + health box sphygmomanometer + stethoscope + health box + electronic thermometer sphygmomanometer + dual stethoscope
  • Production enterprises: Jiangsu Yuyue Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Tips: Using a mercury sphygmomanometer to measure the sphygmomanometer, must be used with a stethoscope to use, no stethoscope at home pro Be sure to choose a stethoscope package to buy Oh , Or have to buy back stethoscope back!

In order to prevent damage to the mercury column during transportation, we will unpack the box and cushion the shock film inside. Please contact the customer service..