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Car gecko car stickers | all metal thick Gecko | car stickers scratches funny | auto supplies supermarket

Product code: -14423100030
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Sold quantity 3670
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: CARBAINEED / card centuries
  • Model: All Metal Gecko
  • Material: 3D stickers
  • (Not to send gifts) 2 gold (collection to send static paste) 2 silver (collection to send static stickers) 1 gold 1 silver (collection to send static stickers) 1 (not to send gifts) gold gecko 1
  • Film type: body paste

common problem:

Size: 10 * 4.5CM

Material: all metal

Express: 包邮 Baxter Huitong

Fade: 100% does not fade

What sticky: own MQM glue (car stickers dedicated double-sided adhesive)

Strongly recommended to buy 2, the next time there is no such a preferential price