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Fennan 2017 spring and summer thin section of cotton long-sleeved men's pajamas set in the elderly cotton dad home service men

Fennan 2017 spring and summer thin section of cotton long-sleeved men's pajamas set in the elderly cotton dad home service men
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Product parameters:

  • Time to market: summer of 2017
  • Applicable scenes: pajamas
  • Applicable to: middle age
  • Sales channel type: pure electricity business (only online sales)
  • Fabric Material Composition: Cotton 100%
  • Brand: Fenfan
  • Section number: Fenfan 3713
  • Color classification: male section 3712 male section 3717 male section 3713 male section 3715 male section 3716 3912 male 3913 male 3911 male 3926 male 3927 men and women section 2912 female section 2918 female section 2930 female section 2931 female section 2932 female section 2717 female section 2719 female section 2722 female section 2723 female section 2721
  • Size: L XL M XXL 3XL
  • Number of pieces: 2 pieces
  • Fabric commonly known as: cotton
  • Fabric main material: cotton
  • Ingredients: 95% or more
  • Main fabric weight: 200g and below
  • Thickness: Thin section
  • Pattern: letter
  • Clothing style details: printing
  • Collar type: small lapel collar
  • Clothing placket: front buckle
  • Sleeve: long sleeve
  • Pants long: trousers
  • Pants placket: rubber band
  • Applicable season: summer
  • Applicable gender: male
  • Home service style: simple

Dispensers have something to say:

The following 10 long-sleeved pajamas home service, are long-sleeved, Thin and not through, very Suitable for now spring wear, but also for some days, hot summer weather in the air conditioning Room to wear, are cotton, soft and comfortable cool, because it is long sleeves, joints do not Cold, can play a role in the protection of the joints, Mom and Dad are very fond of female models are also very suitable for birth baby, as a month service, in front of the deduction, breast-feeding is very convenient, the quality is cotton, On the mother's skin will not be allergic,The price is also very affordable, 78 yuan also 包邮, only for the promotion, not for profit, Fenfan pajamas, cotton pajamas leader! Real cotton, support quality inspection, the price is very affordable, Is the so-called real gold is not afraid of fire, the following we shopkeepers a most direct and accurate to determine whether the real cotton method, which is the authority of the quality inspection departments used to quality inspection methods of cotton, pro can try , Will know what is fake real, what is really not fake, look for 'Fenfan' authentic, to ensure that you do not have the feeling of pure natural cotton, skin-friendly soft. More important is healthy!

Fabric: cotton (skin-friendly, soft, breathable, absolutely no ball)

If you want to buy thin section of long-sleeved female models. You can open the following link: