There are products PICOOC S1 / S2 precision electronic smart home health body weight, said fat scale body fat analyzer

There are products PICOOC S1 / S2 precision electronic smart home health body weight, said fat scale body fat analyzer

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Compatible Platform: ANDROID MIUI iOS
  • Brand: PICOOC / have products
  • Model: S1
  • Color Classification: S1 white WIFI3 send portable saber card S1 + substituting white send 8G SanDisk U disk + S2 white saber card send-generation portable WIFI3 + S2 white saber card to send 8G SanDisk U disk + saber card product S1 + Headphones

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The difference between generation and second generation, there is some difference in design, material, function, S series is an upgraded version of the latin, latin machine than the lighter, thinner, smaller, S Series is equipped with stealth LED display, measurement and data more intuitive and more convenient ~ APP perfect than a generation!

The difference between S1 and S2

S1 is the standard version, S2 .1 fashion look different process design, S1 is the use of advanced alloys, S2 is the ITO conductive film;. 2. Design different starting point, S1 is to meet the needs of precision measurement, while S2 is taking into account the needs and the precise measurement fashion design sense.

Q: how body fat ratio, etc. These are measured out of it A:? There are body fat scales product surface conductive ITO conductive film or an alloy panel, no damage weak bioelectricity circulating in the body, measured by BIA bioelectrical impedance principle of the method: muscle contains more blood and other moisture, conductive, non-conductive and therefore fat by micro-current through the body to calculate the resistance and measure the fat percentage Note: only four-electrode AC BIA was accurate, Taobao are two so-called fat products electrode or the DC deceptive.

Q: What must be measured barefoot A:?, The bio-skin contact with the electrical conduction need to get up early or just before going to bed measuring about good, do not wear socks to bed naked measure it even more perfect, remember to close the curtains?
Q: The new product uses a new sensor A:? Yes, we use a new more sensitive and accurate point sensors, there are currently differences in other products, can be described with an example in the article have body fat scales,! No matter how you stand, even if you stand on one leg and your feet standing weight is exactly the same, and the use of surface-contact sensor other products will have great deviations!
Q: You can sign data and analysis of the closed-loop motion data it A:? Yes, we do that we built sports pedometer algorithm in the mobile phone client software, the amount of exercise every day so that you can automatically adjust according to your signs data! according to your target allocation and tracking! ten thousand steps a day is obviously not for everyone, the phone everyone must carry every day, it is the best pedometer, and can provide music while you run! (new version of the software will be around November on the line)
Q: There are software products also support waist, chest, hip and leg circumference data tracking Mody A:? Yes, this is our innovations in the industry, not only will jointly analyze your daily exercise and your signs data! also introduced a joint analysis waist, chest, hip and leg circumference data! and give them advice based on your actual situation, the human body is complex, we can only hope that you have a healthy body, but I hope you have a perfect body! is for you to make every effort to our users to become better yourself!