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Maternity Care Maternity Nursing Maternity Nursing Mats Maternity Nursing Pads

Maternity Care Maternity Nursing Maternity Nursing Mats Maternity Nursing Pads
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: October crystallization
  • Series: SH124
  • Model: 8 pieces of equipment
  • Size: 60cmx90cm
  • Number: 6 and above

Brand October crystallization Name Maternal care mattress
specification 60cm * 90cm (total of 8 pieces) Production Date Recent production (shelf life of 3 years)

(1) to increase the widening design, (600mm * 900mm) to use more convenient!

(2) polymer lock water to prevent back-infiltration, absorption remains dry.

(3) soft cotton surface, mesh embossed design, no burr debris

(4) Thicker design (thickness up to 0.63mm)

(5) High standards of health requirements, quality inspection qualified!

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Said the treasurer

Because the hospital does not provide mattresses, are required to bring their own Oh, from the broken water to the production needs of about 4 into the delivery room to 4 days postpartum, daily need 4, because at this time amniotic fluid and other foreign matter, the doctor rounds Will press the stomach to help my mother remove foreign body, it is easy to dirty mattress, need to be replaced in time to prevent infection; 'Amount of recommendations: 2-3 packs needed in the hospital is enough!'

  • A lot of more attention to the health of the mother during the month will also be used, the general period of two days a month
  • Sent the package is very strict, Mommy were out of the box when tens of millions of careful to avoid cut.
  • Mattress mat can also be used during the period, the baby can also be when the baby diapers, breathable Oh!

Meng Meng Meng wish all the more happy shopping! Health and happiness of the baby!