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Taiwan Po workers MT-2017 2018 anti-burn pointer multimeter | home appliance repair universal table | genuine

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Product parameters:

  • Item: MT-2017
  • MT-2018 (buy one get ten) 24 stalls Standard MT-2018 (buy one get ten), the standard version of the MT-2018 (buy one get ten) 24 stalls standard MT-
  • Decoration and construction content: installation works
  • Work: Pointer
  • Accuracy: Other
  • Brand: Pro 'skit / Po workers
  • Model: MT-2017

Gear function difference:

MT-2017 (26 files) MT-2018 (24 files) more than two functions:

1MT-2017Short circuit beep function;

2MT-2017There are DC positive and negative 25 volts and plus or minus 5 file; MT-2018 more than a DC 0.5V file

Appearance difference:

MT-2017 is a green sleeve, MT-2018 is a blue sleeve