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HP Server | Fiber Optic Switches AJ821B B-series 8 / 24c SAN Switch Genius

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Product parameters:

  • L2 cache capacity: other
  • Memory type: other / other
  • Blade server architecture: Other / other
  • Brand: HP / HP
  • HP server model: AJ821B
  • Interface type: other / other
  • The maximum number of CPUs supported:
  • Standard memory: other / other
  • Hard disk capacity: other capacity
  • Processor clock speed: 2.26GHz
  • After - sales service: other
  • Server Type: Other
  • Processor Type: Other

HP B-series 8 / 24c BladeSystem SAN Switch
8Gb fiber switch; 24 ports available (16 internal connections, 8 external connections); 4 * shortwave 8Gb transceiver; WebTools license; Zoning license; all fiber connections;
Applies to:
C7000 C3000 Blade case
The Brocade 8Gb SAN Switch for HP BladeSystem c-Class Enclosure is an easy-to-manage embedded Fiber Channel switch solution with 8 Gb / s performance Brocade 8Gb SAN Switch hot-swappable to HP BladeSystem c-Class chassis Of the back.
This integrated design saves rack space, enables shared power and cooling resources, reduces cable and small form factor devices, and adds port aggregation support with external switches to increase bandwidth and meet the demanding requirements of server virtualization and other applications.
The Power Pack + option provides new features to help you efficiently manage data flows and ensure optimized application performance. 12 or 24 adaptive ports support low bandwidth components to provide investment protection and support an upgrade license for ' Need to expand '.
The Brocade 8Gb SAN switch saves space and costs, dramatically simplifies the SAN environment, enables easier deployment and management, and delivers the performance needed for high-throughput emerging applications.
Data center consolidation with an excellent 'zero footprint' design and HP BladeSystem c-Class enclosures, while reducing costs by sharing power and cooling resources and reducing cabling, SFP and floor space.
Port-based, low-bandwidth, built-in and external adaptive components ensure flexibility and investment protection (2Gb, 4Gb, or 8Gb) with a high-speed technology that doubles storage network performance and supports virtualized environments and other emerging technologies.
Including connection speed support for all ports to provide high performance systems and up to 384 Gb / s total bandwidth (full duplex, 24 ports x 8 Gb / s x 2).
Supports up to 64 Gb / s of balanced throughput with an aggregate of eight SAN ports, and provides a high-bandwidth solution using an external Brocade or HP B-series switch to aggregate SAN-facing ports; Reduce SFP and cable to reduce costs.
With new Adaptive Network Services such as Adaptive Fabric Quality of Service, Traffic Isolation, and Ingress Rate Limiting, enterprises can better manage data flows to meet service level agreement requirements while maintaining optimized application performance.
Utilize N_Port ID Virtualization (NPIV), an ANSI T11 standard, to support interoperability with other SAN fabrics and eliminate domain considerations while improving SAN scalability.
Integrate the HP Onboard Administrator for BladeSystem, HP Systems Insight Manager, and HP Storage Essentials with the HP B-Series management and monitoring tools The SMI-s API makes it easy to use industry-standard interfaces for smooth integration of management and other applications.
12-port, 24-port, and 24-port Power Pack + all-fiber models Select the features and management options that meet your needs.
The 'pay with upgrades' scalability enables your enterprise to easily scale upgrades in a dynamic business environment with uninterrupted 12-port upgrades for 12-port models.
System features:
Media type technology
Small form-factor pluggable devices (8 Gbps SFP + and 4 Gbps SFP)
Supports blade systems
For more information, refer to the 'Specifications'
Availability features
Each BladeSystem is equipped with redundant switches for increased availability
Hot plug
Hot code load activation
Supported protocols
Fiber Channel
Software (optional)
Power Pack + software bundles
Adaptive Networking
ISL Trunking (ISL port aggregation)
Advanced Performance Monitoring
Fabric Watch
Extended Fabric
Fabric Manager
Data Center Fabric Manager Enterprise software
Data Center Fabric Manager Professional Plus software
Dimension and Weight
Minimum specification (W x D x H)
38.1 x 29.85 x 8.59 cm
1.81 kg
Contained items
Contained in the box
One 8Gb SAN switch with 16 internal ports and 8 fiber ports enabled
4 shortwave 8 Gb / s SFP + 's
All-fiber connection