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Jiahe inflatable cervical traction device B02-2 three home neck massage therapy device cervical spondylosis neck guard

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Product parameters:

  • Origin: Jizhou
  • Medical Devices Product Name: cervical traction
  • Brand: Jiahe
  • Model: B02-2
  • Value-added services: Free shipping genuine security
  • Executive Standard: YZB / JIHENG 0165-2010
  • Registration No: Ji Heng Food and Drug Administration of firearms (quasi-) word 2010 No. 1260165
  • Tractor Category: Inflatable tractor
  • Manufacturer: Jizhou City Jiahe Medical Devices Co., Ltd.
  • Diseases: stiff neck cervical spondylosis neck disease
  • Symptoms: cervical pain
  • The crowd: middle-aged adults aged
  • Color Classification: Jiahe cervical traction B02Ⅱ