Pigeon standard mouth bottle baby newborn baby standard diameter glass bottle genuine

Pigeon standard mouth bottle baby newborn baby standard diameter glass bottle genuine

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Pigeon / Pigeon standard diameter glass ...
  • Color Classification: 120ML bottle with silicone nipple S S 200ML bottle with silicone nipple 240ML bottle with silicone nipple M M 200ML bottle with latex pacifier pacifier latex 120ML bottle with S
  • Brand: Pigeon / Pigeon
  • Series: standard diameter glass bottle AA85-87
  • Capacity: Other
  • Bottle whether Petiole: do not stalk
  • Material: Glass
  • EAN Code: 6952124200450
  • Aperture size: Standard caliber
  • Shape: Straight

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[Product Name]: Pigeon natural real sense of standard diameter glass bottle 120ml 200ml 240ml

[Product Item]: AA87 / AA86 / AA85

[Pacifier] Type: Silicone

[Material]: borosilicate glass (bottle); silica gel (pacifiers); polypropylene (cap)


Q: standard caliber and wide caliber bottle bottle What is the difference?

A: wide-mouth bottle and pour milk in favor of clean, but when the baby sucking mouth wide open needs to be bigger.
Q: How to choose the size of the pacifier?
A: correct use of age: S hole (0-3 months), M hole (4-5 months), Y cut three holes (6-7 months), L hole (use Y laborious, time-consuming, the remaining milk when there is generally more than 10 months).
Q: latex and silicone pacifier nipple (breast nipple real sense) What is the difference which is better??
A: Different two materials, latex exterior is yellow, relatively soft, with the smell of natural rubber, the useful life of about three weeks; silicone nipple colorless and tasteless, easy to aging, life in about two kinds of two months each. there are advantages, you can choose according to their own preferences.

Glass is fragile, so use glass bottles to be extra careful with glass can withstand the temperature difference of only 70 degrees, pour hot water so easily cause cracks lead to burst open, and must be disinfected when cold start disinfection, the water can not be burned after the boiling water into the bottle, the bottle can easily cause cracks lead to burst open.