Pigeon standard mouth baby bottle standard caliber newborn baby glass bottle genuine

Pigeon standard mouth baby bottle standard caliber newborn baby glass bottle genuine

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Pigeon / Pigeon Standard B ...
  • Applicable age: Newborn 3 months 4 months 5 months 6 months
  • 120ML send (bottle sets + non-slip bottle sets) 200ML send (bottle slip sets + milk bottle cap) 240ML send (bottle anti-slip suit + bottle cap) 120ML send (insulation + cleaning kit) 200ML send (insulation + ) 240ML delivery (cleaning sleeve + cleaning kit) 120ML delivery (cleaning kit + straw set) 200ML delivery (cleaning kit + straw kit) 240ML delivery (cleaning kit + straw kit)
  • Brand: Pigeon / Pigeon
  • Series: standard diameter glass bottle AA85-87
  • Capacity: Others
  • Whether the bottle handle: do not take the handle
  • Material: Glass
  • Product bar code: 6952124200450
  • Size: standard diameter
  • Shape: straight

Selling point : High-quality materials, high temperature, pacifier imitation of breast design!

'Product Name': Pigeon natural real sense of the standard diameter glass bottle 120ml 200ml 240ml

'Article number': AA87 / AA86 / AA85

'Pacifier type': Silicone

'Material': borosilicate glass material (bottle); silicone (teat); polypropylene (cap)

Knowledge Q & A:

Q: What is the difference between standard caliber bottle and wide caliber bottle?

A: wide mouth bottle is conducive to cleaning and inverted milk powder, but the baby sucking need to mouth bigger.
Q: how to choose the size of the pacifier?
A: The correct use of age: S round hole (0-3 months), M round hole (4-5 months), Y three hole incision (6-7 months), L round hole Laborious, time-consuming, milk surplus, usually more than 10 months).
Q: latex nipple and silicone nipple (breast real sense of the pacifier) ​​What is the difference? Which is better?
A: Two different materials, the appearance of latex is yellow, relatively soft, with a natural rubber odor, the service life of about 3 weeks; silicone nipple colorless and tasteless, not aging, life of 2 months. There are advantages, you can choose according to their own preferences.

Glass is fragile, so the use of glass bottles to be extra careful use of glass can withstand temperature difference of only 70 degrees, so into the hot water can easily lead to cracks lead to burst open, and disinfection must be cold water disinfection, not water After boiling water into the bottle, but also easily lead to crack open bottle burst.