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Huawei's headphones enjoy 5S glory 8 7i 5C 4X 6X earphone earphone library · Man |

Huawei's headphones enjoy 5S glory 8 7i 5C 4X 6X earphone earphone library · Man |
Product code: 14112300030
Unit price 2.7-3.98$
Sold quantity 32974
Available stock 50725

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Library · Man An Zhuo
  • Wearing: ear style
  • Compatible platforms: ANDROID Windows Phone iOS
  • Package type: official standard
  • Whether the wire: Yes
  • (With volume adjustment with a wheat) Black line (with volume adjustment with wheat) Black flat wire (can adjust the volume level with wheat) (With volume) with a black line (+ +) + black + + + + + + + + gift + gift + gift + package + gift + Version of the simple white + admission package + exquisite gift enhanced version of the noble black + admission package + exquisite gift
  • Wire-controlled headphones Brand: Library Man
  • Model: Andrews
  • Wire headset nature: the brand non-original

First of all, please allow me to waste your two minutes to introduce the baby.

A selling point , Function: can adjust the size of the volume, wire cut song, then call, long press to reject calls, etc., a lot of useful features.It can be used for a long time to wear.

Selling point II , The main features of this headset for the 3D surround sound is outstanding, treble transparent, powerful bass.Experience effect is higher than the phone comes with at least twice the headset (including the official flagship store 99 yuan engine headphones) in this imitation of the original Rampage of the era, the same is 20 a few dollars, pro, do not try to experience our family this. Recommended songs (California hotels, ferry, and so on, without loss of sound quality better.

Pro Note: for a few days to say bad or just received the goods say the sound is not the case, more than 98% are misplaced compatible switch or compatible switch is not in a compatible stalls, encountered such Parents must pay attention to the switch Or contact customer service in a timely manner. (Switch is very simple on the two stalls N - S)

The following is a package in the package is really making plans: