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DR.ANN Apple IPAD MINI4 Case mini1 MINI2 3 Case | Mini-Shockproof Silicon Case

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Dr. Ann
  • Material: Silicone
  • Color Classification: MINI1 / 2/3 blue ★ send seven gifts MINI1 / 2/3 pink ★ send seven gifts MINI1 / 2/3 orange ★ send seven gifts MINI1 / 2/3 green ★ send seven gifts MINI1 / 2/3 black ★ send seven gifts MINI1 / 2/3 yellow ★ send seven gifts MINI1 / 2/3 red ★ send seven gifts Model Split Line MINI4 yellow ☆ send seven gifts MINI4 pink ☆ send seven gifts MINI4 orange ☆ send seven gifts MINI4 green ☆ send seven gifts MINI4 black ☆ send seven gifts MINI4 red ☆ send seven gifts MINI4 blue ☆ send seven gifts
  • Style: Japan and South Korea

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Has the appearance of patented design

Really environmentally friendly tasteless silicone

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And even sent A multi-function IPAD bracket, a high-quality 3H scratch-proof high-definition film, a metal pen a long section of the phone, a mobile phone holder, a dust plug, a sticker button 6 and a rag a total of seven accessories!

Feel very like the ipad protective cover, with a time you will abandon all previous protective cover!

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Because IPAD is born should be holding the play!