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Summer cotton casual pants men's sweatpants big yards young men straight jeans linen pants pants thin section tide

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Product parameters:

  • Listing Year season: 2016 Summer
  • Material Composition: 13% viscose fibers (viscose rayon) 35% polyester fiber 20% cotton, 32% linen
  • Length: trousers
  • Product Number: YMK4564
  • Color: beige black navy blue green beige
  • Size: M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL
  • Process: washing
  • Brand: Dragon Move
  • Season: Summer
  • Applicable scene: Sports
  • Suitable for: large size
  • Stretch: No bomb
  • Waist type: waist
  • Thickness: thin
  • Time to market: 2016
  • Clothing type version: Loose
  • Trousers mouth style: Straight
  • Basic style: popular youth
  • Subdivision style: Chinese style

size Height cm Weight kg Waist cm Stretch waist cm Hip cm Pants long cm Feet around cm Foot mouth cm 5
M 163 55 66 96 106 95 40 38
L 165 65 74 102 108 97 42 40
XL 170 75 80 108 110 99 44 42
2XL 175 80 86 112 112 101 46 44
3XL 180 85 92 116 114 103 48 46
4XL 183 95 98 118 120 104 50 48
5XL 185 105 101 120 124 105 52 50

Remarks because each person's Method may form 2cm to 4cm error in Kazakhstan, please understand

Express: Our default Yuantong Express, the express pass, tact or pass Hangzhou pro who could not send the goods, please note, Hangzhou pro please do not shoot, thank you not shipped Hangzhou

Note Note: If you buy smaller pants, or wearing inappropriate will be adhered to cotton pants easy to open lines, bad files, trouble pro who care about clothes to wear pants, do not own wore out, came over and said our quality issues, a threat to the difference in assessment, so that customers do not want to buy, thank you, consciously themselves wore out little by little

Fabric Products:

This product is a loose straight pants, made of cotton, viscose, polyester mixed woven material, the main feature is loose, breathable, more comfortable to wear on the body, has the advantage of mixing four materials, and shortcomings,

Cotton fabric Advantages: With moisture, moisture, heat, alkali, health and other characteristics, weaknesses, fugitive shrink

Linen fabric advantages: Hemp fabric thermostat, anti-allergic, anti-static Antibacterial function, linen good moisture absorption, disadvantages, easy spinning, breakable


Viscose rayon fabric is made by the textile fabric, with soft, smooth, breathable, antistatic, stain brilliant and other features

Viscose fiber Is one of the earliest chemical fiber put into industrial production due to moisture absorption, comfort, good spinnability, often with cotton, wool or various synthetic fibers, intertwined, and for all types of clothing

Polyester fiber fabric:

Has many excellent textile performance and wearability, widely used, can be pure textile manufacturing, but also natural fibers with cotton, wool, silk, hemp and other Chemical Fiber Blended interwoven to produce color range, Tinggua fastness, washable and easy to dry, easy-care and good wash and wear performance of wool, cotton, imitation, imitation silk, linen Fabric Advantages: . Sun, light, ventilation, Insulation, Anti-UV, Moisture, Easy to clean, easy to pilling shortcomings, easy to produce static electricity;

2 Baby Material: viscose fibers (viscose rayon) 13% 35% 32% polyester fiber flax 20% cotton (because of the different batches of product may generate error of plus or minus 10 up and down, the cotton content of error of plus or minus 5) does not It will affect the pro-baby wearing and breathable, supports the baby a lot of old customers, tag and water content not unified because of the different batches and deliberately be diverted.

3: Baby Style: This product is loose big yards straight jeans son, verify like loose, shape or overweight people, and of deliberately seeking to purchase Chinese style style,

4: price, price and quality of goods origin, by the impact of supply and demand, product prices from time to time prices,

5: About the product: This product is currently divided into two groups, because of the different batches of the product, size may be a little gap, about 2cm, so the goods can be received, may appear the same size as the size difference, a slightly larger 1.1 the situation is slightly smaller point,

6: color: Because different display brightness of each buyer, and different resolutions to see the color will be different, so the color is inevitable, physical closer to tile

7: About fade: black and other dark clothes floating color is relatively large, fade unavoidable, we have to upgrade the product, try to change the degree of hair loss before the black fade, and now the second batch of clothes, has basically can not afford hair, floating color wash several times there will be no, if the parental care, it is recommended to choose a lighter color

8: before receiving a lot of customers to reflect, say clothes to play ball, we were the owner personally try, the ball found the first really serious clothes on, so I contacted the company urgent need to change the factory, now clothes from phenomenon has the ball control is very good, the owner was wearing about 20 days, and no pilling

9: that the first batch of clothes pilling it, but many customers contact us again later like the first time will play ball will fade first shipment, he said that every summer must buy, just like the material, so we have no way, the first also continued production, shipments may be randomly distributed, so if you get the pants pilling and fade hair loss that are normal.

10: You have no shipment inspection, pro before we will check every product shipped, but very few products may appear to place checks did not check, but also hope you understand

11; must pay attention: This linen cargo pants two batches, the first batch of goods is relatively large size, the second batch of goods than the average 1.5 large size, navy only the first batch of goods, it is relatively large, the other colors the default send the second batch of goods, with navy blue default hair first, does not come with the default second wholesale hair out, size of the table for the second batch of goods size table Another point belt rope with transparent plastic wrap to live of

12 Our evaluation is that no polite praise back now. We are the official evaluation of the Lynx is polite to send coupons, not cash, not cash, not cash