Smart Mouse | NF-268 hunt is | no noise | interference hunt instrument | cable tester | check thread

Smart Mouse | NF-268 hunt is | no noise | interference hunt instrument | cable tester | check thread

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: smart mouse
  • Model: NF-268
  • Product Number: NF-268
  • Color Classification: NF-268 hunt instrument buy 801 topping 268 model change
  • Renovation and construction content: Hydropower Engineering

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Brand: Smart Mouse

model: NF-268

Name: Hunt instrument (no noise)

Origin: Shenzhen, Guangdong

product description:

NF-268 multi-purpose cable testing & measuring line is based on the original promise Ark smart mouse NF-168 on the latest developed anti-jamming noise smart mouse hunt device, is a novel with more features check line. to achieve a major breakthrough in technology, it has a completely anti-interference function, any current and the external environment will not interfere with this equipment. the equipment consists of two parts, a transmitter, receiver. the smooth appearance of new instruments, feel good and intimate human design. it has a hunt for the line and the line status test three functions, with fast and accurate characteristics, is a communication line installation, utility maintenance engineering technicians. widely used in telephone systems, It relates to computer networks and other metal wire circuit and other fields.
Product Features:
1, you can find the line in the case of connecting any type of Ethernet switches, routers, PC terminals, cameras and other boot;
2, looking weak with four core network lines;
3, the transmitter may now switch directly on the line;
4, super fight interference function AC;
5, can BNC wire to wire
6, the receiver has a lighting function, headphone volume adjustable function;
7, telephone lines hunt function;
8, video cable, power cable line hunt function;
9, the network line order proofreading function;
10, the transmitter has a low battery indicator function.
11, can normally hunt under short circuit conditions.
typical application:
1, a telecommunications network line project and routine maintenance
2, computer network line project
3, power cable lines engineering and maintenance
4, BNC coaxial cable line engineering and maintenance
packing list:
1. Transmitter --- Taiwan
2. Receiver --- Taiwan
3. 9V battery --- 2
4. a headset ---
5. RJ11 adapter cable --- 1
6. The alligator clip adapter cable --- 1
7. RJ45 adapter cable --- 1
8. Instructions --- 1
9. Kit --- 1
10. Folding --- 1
11.BNC to RJ45 adapter × 2 (BNC line to line use)

12. RJ45 8P duckbill wire transfer (MDF hunt for continuity testing)