NF-268 Line Hunter | No Noise | Anti-Interference Hunt Monitor | Cable Tester |

NF-268 Line Hunter | No Noise | Anti-Interference Hunt Monitor | Cable Tester |

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: shrewd mouse
  • Model: NF-268
  • Product number: NF-268
  • NF-268 single transmitter NF-268 single transmitter NF-268 transmitter transmitter NF-268 factory standard (without BNC head module cable) NF-268 single transmitter NF-268 separate transmitter NF- Buy 168 make up the difference for NF-268 801B transmitter make up the difference for 268
  • Decoration and construction content: hydropower projects

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Brand: Shrewd mouse

model: NF-268

Name: Hunt (no noise)

Origin: Guangdong Shenzhen

product description:

NF-268-type multi-purpose cable test & line measuring device is the promise of the Ark company in the original rat NF-168 on the basis of the latest anti-interference noise-free developed by Sophisticated mouse hunt, is a more new features The device has two parts: the transmitter, the receiver is composed of two parts.The appearance of the new instrument is fluent, and the appearance of the instrument is very good, the instrument is easy to operate, It is a practical tool for the installation and maintenance of communication lines.It is widely used in telephone system, telephone line system, telephone line system and so on.It is widely used in telephone system, Computer networks and other areas involving metal wire lines.
Product Features:
1, you can connect any type of Ethernet switches, routers, PC terminals, cameras and other boot situation to find the line;
2, can be found with a weak four-core network cable;
3, the transmitter can be directly with the switch line;
4, super anti-interference function of alternating current;
5, you can BNC line on the line
6, the receiver has a light function, adjustable headphone volume function;
7, telephone line hunt function;
8, video cable, power cable line hunt function;
9, the network line sequence proofing function;
10, the transmitter has a low voltage prompt function.
11, you can line the case of normal short-circuit hunt.
typical application:
1, the telecommunications network line engineering and routine maintenance
2, computer network line project
3, power cable line engineering and maintenance
4, BNC coaxial cable line engineering and maintenance
packing list:
1. Transmitter --- 1 set
2. Receiver --- 1 set
3. 9V battery --- 2 pieces
4. Headset --- 1
5. RJ11 Adapter Cable --- 1 item
6. Alligator clip adapter cable --- 1
7. RJ45 Adapter Cable --- 1 item
8. User's Manual --- 1 copy
9. Tool kits --- one
10 color box --- 1
11.BNC to RJ45 adapter × 2 (BNC line to the line with)

12. RJ45 to 8P duckbill line (for distribution frame homing on-off test)