Everbest handheld laser range finder | LDM-40 / LDM-70 infrared electronic measuring tape 80 m laser ruler

Everbest handheld laser range finder | LDM-40 / LDM-70 infrared electronic measuring tape 80 m laser ruler

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: everbest
  • Model: LDM-40
  • Item No: LDM-40
  • Color classification: 80 meters Charging Package (Classic Blue) new comprehensive upgrade 80 m official standard (Classic Blue) new comprehensive upgrade 60 m official standard (Golden Black) new comprehensive upgrade 60 meters Charging Package (Golden Black) new comprehensive upgrade 70 m official standard (upgrade version) 70 meters charging Package (upgraded version)
  • Renovation and construction content: Installation Engineering
  • How it works: Laser
  • Ranging distance: 40M

Tips: This product is for indoor model is not suitable for outdoor use.

60 m / 80 m new products, a comprehensive upgrade, spot sales. 70 m Specifications stock!

Launched a new LDM-60H 60 Mi laser rangefinder LDM-80H 80 Mi laser rangefinder; new comprehensive upgrade

The official standard Package: (standard abbreviation official standard)

Official standard: laser range finder, holster, hand loop, batteries (2 AAA 1,5V), manual, certificate, warranty card. ) (Laser range finder used friends all know, a laser range finder is relatively power, a battery time is very short. Recommend purchasing original charger and rechargeable battery use, environmentally friendly and saving ^ _ ~)

Charging Package

Official standard + fast stage charge charger (stoped) + Section 2 low self-discharge rechargeable battery (no memory effect AAA 7 number card power 1100mAh / mAh). (Charger and rechargeable batteries 1 year warranty; available for four years, only 2 cents a day amortization) (below):

Low self-discharge rechargeable batteries and ordinary rechargeable batteries differences:
Low self-discharge rechargeable battery voltage stability, power is not lost (top lock power technology, the battery still has 3 years without battery power) (to better protect your equipment)
Common rechargeable battery voltage instability, fully charged battery will be a long time without loss of (long-term use, the instrument will produce harm)