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Old A tool 60W 100W 150W long life hot melt glue gun | hot glue gun

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: the old A
  • Model: LA813100
  • (Standard +10 root stick) 150W standard (adjustable temperature) 150W +5 root sticks (standard)

The use of glue gun in the process, often new customers will encounter this problem: glue their own flow out, that is, some parents say that the leakage of the stomach.

Reason 1: the pressure. Extra plastic is not used in time, there is residual pressure in the gun chamber, it will flow out of their own.Gluing gun has been through the electricity, so the temperature has been maintained, the glue will have been melting, melting is not timely Used, it will flow out, because the trigger when the trigger chamber produced a pressure, the pressure is not released End, so when there will be a small amount of plastic out of use.

The temperature of the glue gun will be higher after you power off (or release the trigger when you are paused). The temperature of the gun itself is still high and the glue is still in the melting state. Leakproof valve inside a small ball, in the small ball in front of the plastic will drop out, this is the normal phenomenon (anti-leakage valve can only be located in the back of the gun, can not be located in the front, or directly out of plastic) After all, the glue is not like the tap in the water, one off on the leak does not leak.Therefore, if the glue gun through the electricity, it must be fast and continuous use, can not be placed do not want to glue, power supply, 5 minutes or so off, and other glue run out, the temperature is down, the glue will not come out, so you can save with plastic oh.