Old A long-life tool 60W 100W 150W hot melt glue gun | hot glue gun

Old A long-life tool 60W 100W 150W hot melt glue gun | hot glue gun

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Old A
  • Model: LA813100
  • Color Classification: 60W standard 60W (standard +10 root glue stick) 100W standard 100W (standard +10 root glue stick) 150W Standard (thermostat) 150W + 5 root Jiaobang

In the process of using glue gun, new customers will often encounter this problem: plastic flow out themselves, that is, some parents who say the stomach leak adhesive.

Reason 1: Pressure excess glue no time spent, there is residual pressure in the chamber, it will flow out of their own glue gun has been carrying electricity, the temperature has been maintained, would have been in the plastic melting, melting is not timely spent, they will have their own flow out, because the barrel of a gun when the trigger is pulled generated pressure, the pressure is not released completely, so when there will be a small amount of glue to stop using it.

Reason 2: anti-leak valve after heating the glue gun, the temperature will be higher, after you power off (when the trigger is released or suspended) temperature gun itself still high, still in the plastic melt state, muzzle leak valve inside a small ball, small ball in front of the glue will drop out, this is a normal phenomena (anti-leak valve can only be provided at the rear end of the muzzle, it could not be located at the front end, or directly not glue) after all, glue, unlike tap water, close to a leak. so if glue gun carrying electricity, they must use in quick succession, can not leave without. not want to glue, we must break the power supply in advance 3- cut off for about 5 minutes, run out of glue, etc., the temperature dropped, glue will not come out. This also saves glue oh.