Mo Fan 1.2 m bed student dormitory bedroom single bed 1.5 m three-piece 0.9m cotton bed linen quilt kit

Mo Fan 1.2 m bed student dormitory bedroom single bed 1.5 m three-piece 0.9m cotton bed linen quilt kit

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Number of members: 3
  • Quilt Material: Cotton
  • Brand: Mo Fan
  • Product Number: san20150807
  • Is the material: Cotton
  • Cotton Category: Cotton
  • Ingredients: 100%
  • Bedding craft: Other
  • Applicable bed size: 0.9m wide bed (student dormitory beds) + three-piece student Pillow 1.0m (3.3 feet) bed 1.2m (4 feet) bed 1.35m (4.5 feet) bed 1.5m (5 feet) bed
  • Pattern: Cartoon animation
  • Style: style sheets
  • Color Classification: life style three-piece three-piece girl next door love florid three-piece three-piece jazz pioneer Fangfei Love three-piece three-piece baby kiss lemon love three-piece three-piece La Xia Mo Xiaofan omelette Doraemon three-piece three-piece (new) large crown three-piece fried Xia clouds grid three-piece three-piece long lengthy AB lovely three-piece song fairytale three-piece three-piece pocket love flowers AA 3 rainbow circle sets three-piece three-piece Suo Feige Fangfei Dancer - European-style three-piece three-piece three-piece crown sun jingle pocket up to three-piece three-piece Meng Meng
  • Style: cartoon wind
  • Fabric count: 40
  • Fabric density: 128x68
  • EAN Code: 6931203244431
  • Printing Process: pigment printing
  • Weaving process: Twill


product name Mo Fan textile cotton three-piece Crafts Cotton twill fabric printing of the flaps
weight About 1.3kg-1.6kg Quantity A pillowcase quilt sheets 1 1

0.9m student dormitory bed / 1 m /1.2 m bed bed paragraph shall quilt 160 * 210 160 * 230 sheets pillowcase 48 * 74

Student three-piece + Pillow: Linen quilt 160 * 210 160 * 230 * 74 + 48 pillowcase Pillow Shu dream

1.35 m /1.5 m paragraph shall quilt 160 * 210 200 * 230 sheets pillowcase 48 * 74

Fabric material 100% cotton Product quality Qualified
standard Implementation of standards GB / T22844-2009 safety standard GB18401-2010 Class B
product description

Because the fabric seat trim reasons, will cause pillowcase patterns differ with the physical map, if special care pillowcase pattern, please carefully shot.

Weight of the sample extract weighed, because the product may be different weight there is a small error, mind carefully shot!

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