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Jane European zinc alloy crystal chandelier lamp living room European-style luxury Jade restaurant atmosphere bedroom penthouse floor chandeliers

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Product parameters:

  • Chandelier Type: Zinc Alloy Chandelier
  • Brand: Ou
  • Model: od1011
  • Smart type: does not support smart
  • Lamps shape: chandelier
  • The number of lamp: 15
  • Shade auxiliary material: Glass
  • Light Body auxiliary material: Alloy
  • Irradiated area: 15 square meters-30 m
  • Color Classification: od1011-8 (broccoli) A paragraph sunflowers 6 (broccoli) A paragraph sunflowers 8 (broccoli) A paragraph sunflowers 10 (broccoli) A paragraph sunflowers 10 + 5 (Western orchid) B subsection crystal lotus 6 (broccoli) B subsection crystal lotus 8 (broccoli) B subsection crystal lotus 10 (broccoli) B subsection crystal lotus 10 + 5 (Events section) single head Wall (fan section ) lotus shade 6 (fan section) lotus shade 8 (fan section) lotus lampshade 10 (fan section) lotus shade 10 + 5 (fan section) sunflowers shade 6 (fan section) sunflowers lampshade 8 ( fan section) sunflowers lampshade 10 (fan section) sunflowers shade 10 + 5
  • Light Body main material: Alloy
  • Shade material: glass
  • Light source type: Incandescent LED energy-saving lamps
  • Technology: electroplating
  • Whether lamps with light source: without light
  • Power: 21W (including) -30W (inclusive)
  • Voltage: 111V ~ 240V (inclusive)
  • Application of space: Living room dining room den bedroom other / other
  • Style: European

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