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Crown acrylic double-sided plastic with a strong double-sided adhesive tape car wall tiles with Seamless double-sided tape

Crown acrylic double-sided plastic with a strong double-sided adhesive tape car wall tiles with Seamless double-sided tape
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: CROWN / Crown
  • Item No .: 12345648551
  • Color classification: 5mm * 10m * 0.5mm thick 10mm * 10m * 0.5mm thick 30mm * 10m * 0.2mm thick 25mm * 10m * 0.2mm thick 20mm * 10m * 0.2mm thick 18mm * 10m * 0.2mm thick 15mm * 10m * 0.2 Mm Thickness 12mm * 10m * 0.2mm Thickness 10mm * 10m * 0.2mm Thickness 8mm * 10m * 0.2mm Thickness 5mm * 10m * 0.2mm Thickness 3mm * 10m * 0.2mm Thickness 3mm * 10m * 1mm Thickness 5mm * 10m * 1mm Thickness 8mm * 10m * 1mm Thickness 10mm * 1mm Thickness 12mm * 10m * 1mm Thickness 15mm * 10m * 1mm Thickness 18mm * 10m * 1mm Thickness 20mm * 10m * 1mm Thickness 25mm * 10m * 1mm Thickness 30mm * 10m * 1mm Thickness 40mm * 10m * 1mm thick 50mm * 10m * 1mm thick

Crown Acrylic film for pure, ultra-transparent, no trace

Sided adhesive, paste can not see the color called high-quality products.

The product thickness of 0.2mm length of 10M. Width can be customer needs specifications cut.

Material: Acrylic super type

Type: crown original into the acrylic

Resistance to high and low temperature: minus 25 degrees - 160 degrees high temperature

Scope: automotive, industrial, business family

Baby color: transparent

Baby elastic: super good

It is made of transparent acrylic double-sided adhesive. The color of the tape is transparent. It has good dimensional stability, thermal stability, chemical stability, initial viscosity and stickiness, easy to die-cutting. , The glass has good viscosity; waterproof in high humidity conditions will not happen wrinkles; provide a sound treatment and easy to die-cutting, solvent resistance.

High transparency, waterproof, high temperature, strong adhesive glass tape,

1, the product features: waterproof, anti-solvent, high temperature, in the curved surface has a good Fu Tie of the paste can fill the uneven surface.

2, the main application: car trim, front trim, rear trim, threshold bar, rear guard, stainless steel tank trim, pedal, door handle, wheel arc, block, brake lights, , Bumper crash plate, Mingban, signs, Jeep bumper skirt, car metal veneer, water guide, seal, the car at the panel, auto parts fixed; mirror, sunny rain block, a variety of panels , The roof of the assembly; all types of car / motorcycle nameplate marking the letter paste.

3, the main application: industrial identification, signs in the aluminum, PC, PP and ABS materials such as letters, characters, patterns of fixed adhesion; electronic signs, LED plates and signs of bonding fixed frame; , Assembly of air-conditioning equipment, assembly of glass LED fixed, steel plate bonding, reinforcement of the bonding, fixed glass and stainless steel fixed.

4, the main application: mobile phones, PCB, assembly, LCD TV panel bonding, fixed nameplates, signs bonding, fixed; doors and windows assembly, glass curtain wall, aluminum curtain wall, elevator wall panels fixed.

Widely used, such as: marriage car linked to mirror mirror wall clock props billboards stick

Suitable for the paste of the material: paper, cloth, wood, sponge, cork, glass, plastic, metal materials, plastics, polystyrene foam, including many materials.