Crown transparent acrylic double-sided adhesive car strong double-sided adhesive car Seamless tile wall with double-sided tape

Crown transparent acrylic double-sided adhesive car strong double-sided adhesive car Seamless tile wall with double-sided tape

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: CROWN / Crown
  • Item: 12345648551
  • Color Classification: 5mm * 10m * 0.5mm thick 10mm * 10m * 0.5mm thick 30mm * 10m * 0.2mm thick 25mm * 10m * 0.2mm thick 20mm * 10m * 0.2mm thick 18mm * 10m * 0.2mm thick 15mm * 10m * 0.2 mm thick 12mm * 10m * 0.2mm thick 10mm * 10m * 0.2mm thick 8mm * 10m * 0.2mm thick 5mm * 10m * 0.2mm thick 3mm * 10m * 0.2mm thick 3mm * 10m * 1mm thick 5mm * 10m * 1mm thick 8mm * 10m * 1mm thick 10mm * 10m * 1mm thick 12mm * 10m * 1mm thick 15mm * 10m * 1mm thick 18mm * 10m * 1mm thick 20mm * 10m * 1mm thick 25mm * 10m * 1mm thick 30mm * 10m * 1mm thick 40mm * 10m * 1mm thick 50mm * 10m * 1mm thick

Imperial crown Solely for the acrylic film, super clear, no trace

Double-sided adhesive, after pasting called invisible color high-quality products.

This product is a thickness of 0.2mm length of 10M. Width can be cut to customer specifications required.

Material: Acrylic super-type

Type: Crown into the original acrylic

High and low temperature: minus 25 degrees - high temperature of 160 degrees

Scope: automotive, industrial, commercial family

Baby Color: Transparent

Baby Elasticity: super good

Pure film substrate double-sided adhesive, made of transparent acrylic double-sided adhesive coating from the system, the tape color is transparent, has good dimensional stability, thermal stability, chemical stability, good initial tack and holding sticky, easy cutting and processing , has good adhesion to glass; waterproof and will not wrinkle occur under high humidity conditions; to provide better handling and ease of die cutting, solvent.

High transparency, waterproof, high temperature, strong adhesive glass tape,

1, the product features: waterproof, solvent-resistant, high temperature, the curved surface of a good obedient nature, can fill the paste uneven surface.

2, the main applications: automotive trim bar, the front trim, rear trim, threshold strips, rear guard, stainless steel fuel tank decorated cover, pedals, door handles, wheel-arc, block flow, plate brake lights, corner crash holding bar, bumper collision plates, nameplates, signs, bumper skirt jeeps, automotive metal trim, hydraulic conductivity of the seal, the interior of the panels, auto parts; mirror, rain shield, a variety of panels , the assembly of the roof; all kinds of car / motorcycle plate mark letters pasted.

3, the main applications: industrial marking, signage aluminum, PC, PP and ABS materials such as letters, characters, bonding fixed pattern; bonding electronic signs, LED signs board and fixed frame; household appliances panel, decorative bar, air-conditioning equipment assembly, such as an LED assembly fixed glass, steel bonding, bonding ribs, fixed fixed glass and stainless steel.

4, the main applications: mobile phones, PCB, assembly, LCD TV panel adhesive fixing nameplates, signs bonding, fixed; fixed doors and windows assembly, glass curtain wall, aluminum curtain wall, elevator wallboard installation.

Wide range of applications such as: wedding car stickers Hook Mirror album clocks props billboard stick pick

Many materials paper, cloth, wood, sponge, cork, glass, plastic, metal materials, plastic, polystyrene foam, etc.,: suitable for pasting material.