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Travel underwear underwear underwear breathable | 5 independent equipment

Travel underwear underwear underwear breathable | 5 independent equipment
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Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Fall 2015
  • Brand: Briars / Bei An
  • Whether the mall with the paragraph: yes
  • Item No .: BAS88020
  • Tag price: 15
  • Color Category: White
  • Sports outdoor projects: tourism
  • Size: M (1.8 ~ 2.1 feet) L (2.0 ~ 2.2 feet) XL (2.2 ~ 2.4 feet)
  • Applicable to: female

product information:

>Product Name: Bei An will breathe paper pants

>Brand: Bei An appropriate

>Origin: Sichuan

>Shelf life: three years

>Product Grade: First Class

Product Specifications:

>Material: non-woven

>Product Specifications: Ms. M, L, XL Men L XL XXL

>Female waist circumference 60-70cm 1.8-2.1 feet such as: 1.65 106 pounds 18 waist election M

>Female waist circumference 67-73cm 2.0-2.2 feet For example: 1.65 120 pounds 21 waist election L

>Female waist circumference 73-80cm 2.2-2.4 feet For example: 1.65 135 pounds 24 waist election XL


>General paper pants with nylon, PP and other petrochemical avant-garde manufacturing, not sweaty and airtight.

>Bei An appropriate water absorption of non-woven material, strong sweat strong, the whole breathable, wear like a natural cotton comfortable feeling.

>Color lace rubber, wear it smoothly. Independent packaging, to carry more convenient.

>UV light sterilization, health pants more hygienic.

>1, travel travel often too late to clean clothes, carrying a few bags of disposable underwear, you can always keep the body clean and fresh.

>2, breathable ability to ensure comfort.

>3, five tendons pants waist, three pants pants, more comfortable, will not have the feeling down.

>4, by high temperature ultraviolet disinfection, clean and sanitary, convenient and practical.

>5, packaging: each one is a single independent packaging, cleaner.

>Each one individually packaged, 5 pcs / bag (single separate sealed packing, convenient, clean!)

>Personal sweat, soft and comfortable, suitable for business travel sports hospital.

Scope of application:

>Leisure, unconditional washing place can be used, the product by UV disinfection, clean and sanitary, soft and comfortable, light and breathable, easy to use, Economical and practical, is a good choice for modern life!