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Lez platinum card laser range finder 40 meters 60 meters 80 meters high-precision infrared measuring room capacity of the electronic scale

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Laitz / Leitz
  • Model: berkka e
  • Item No .: D
  • 60 meters practical 'charging set' 60 meters of practical 'charging set' 40 meters of enhanced 'send charging set' 60 meters of enhanced version of the '60 meters of practical' special standard '40 meters practical' charging set ' 'To send charge set' 80 m enhanced version 'to send charge set'
  • Decoration and construction content: installation works
  • How it works: Laser
  • Distance measuring distance: 40M

Indoor new series of platinum card range finder brand new - indoor practical D1-40 m and D2-60 m, indoor enhanced series, K1-40 m (blue), K3-60 m (yellow) and K5-80 m Red), range ranging to 40 meters, 60 meters and 80 meters, the accuracy of ± 2mm, with products Comes with backlight, horizontal bubble , Support lofting measurement, Pythagorean measurement, with area, volume, extension rod, the area length of the cumulative and continuous measurement functions, 5 IP54 drop, dust-proof soft plastic body drop design. Enterprise quality, buyers want to purchase as soon as possible.