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Lenovo 15.6-inch notebook screen foil Y50-70 G50-80 Z510 G510 Y510P G580

Lenovo 15.6-inch notebook screen foil Y50-70 G50-80 Z510 G510 Y510P G580
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: still this
  • Model: Z570
  • Size: 15 inches
  • Color classification: high-definition type scrub
  • Size: 15 inches
  • Item No

This link is for Lenovo 15-inch 16: 9 ratio, please note that the size of344 * 194MM.If there is not clear, please consult customer service and then orders.

Film is a technical live, not easy to paste a good, recommended to buy more than two spare Oh!

Video Tutorial: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/vetTkvaArbA/

First to clean the books to be posted screen,Be sure to clean,Otherwise there will be dust left small bubbles.

  • Small tips :Clean as much as possible on the cloth ,Although the spray on the screen has no effect.
    First look out Size and screen are the same .After confirmation ,You will see the protective film marked on it 1with 2Of small stickers ,First marked 2Of the stickers as shown below.

And then screen stickers in turn ,Marked with 1The stickers face down ,This is posted on the screen ,First to release it

Posted on the next figure,Along the side ,Try to make the side of the film parallel to the books on the screen .Slowly put it down .Because the film has electrostatic adsorption capacity ,So it will automatically adsorb to the screen.

prompt :Posted in the process there may be two cases
the first ,Will find the film to absorb some small dust .Paste up there will be bubbles.
Solution :Use the previously prepared tape paper ,As shown below ,Find a place where there is little dust ,With the tape to stick to the dust on it

second ,appear Small bubbles ,first Put the film back to a little ,Remove the bubble and then paste back .If not yet ,Can use magic cloth , Slowly Rub past should be able to get.
Continue to be patient ,While dealing with small bubbles ,Until all posted .Pay attention to the end of the final time to receive a corner on it .Then torn marked 2s Mark.

Posted may also be left some small bubbles, under normal circumstances about a week will disappear, please rest assured.

Finished, this is bright screen paste, the effect is dizzy it ~

Tips: If you worry about the screen clean clean, you can use a wide transparent glue gently stick to the surface of the screen dust!