Lenovo 15.6-inch notebook screen foil Y50-70 G50-80 Z510 G510 Y510P G580

Lenovo 15.6-inch notebook screen foil Y50-70 G50-80 Z510 G510 Y510P G580

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Chambon
  • Model: Z570
  • Color Classification: Type HD matte type
  • Size: 15 inches
  • Item: 01

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The link for the Lenovo 15-inch 16: 9 aspect ratio-specific, please note size344 * 194MM.If you have any questions, please consult customer service before orders.

Foil is a technology live, a good fit is not easy, recommended the purchase of two or more alternate Oh!

Video Tutorial: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/vetTkvaArbA/

First clean the books you want to paste the screen,Must be clean,Otherwise, there will be dust leaving small bubbles appear.

  • Tips :Try cleaner sprayed on a cloth ,Although the spray has no effect on the screen.
    First, look out And screen size are the same .After confirmation ,You'll see the protective film has marked 1and 2Small sticker ,First marked 2Off sticker as shown at.

Then turn screen stickers ,The marked 1Stickers down ,It is attached to the surface of the screen up ,To expose a little on it

See the figure posted beginning,Along one edge ,Try to make one side of the screen and notebook casing film in parallel .Slowly go down .Because film electrostatic adsorption ,It will automatically snap to the screen.

prompt :Paste process there may be two situations arise
the first ,Adsorption will find a number of small dust on film .Posted up there will be bubbles.
Solution :Prepared before using paper tape ,As shown below ,Find a small dusty places ,Tape off the dust stick on it

second ,appear Small bubbles ,first Exposing the film a little back ,Let go of the bubble paste back .If not enough ,You can use magic cloth Slowly Rub in the past should be able to get.
Continued patience paste ,Side welt dealing with small bubbles ,Until all posted good .Note that the last ending when receiving a corner up on it .Then tear labeled 2Tags.

Had finished and there might be some residual small bubbles, generally a week or so will go away by themselves, please rest assured.

Get away, this is the bright screen paste, the effect is very dizzy it ~

Tip: If you worry about the screen clean is not clean, you can use wide clear plastic screen surface lightly glued pay dirt!