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Sambo magic bomb Wang children deformation toys magic coins Egg egg war upgrade full set of inflammation Yan Long horned Pegasus

Product code: -1362000030
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Product parameters:

  • Status of sale: spot
  • Brand: Sambo
  • Model: 6950305801595
  • Size: Sambo licensed Genuine guarantee (new upgrade containing magic can)
  • Color classification: burst Yan Long (upgraded version) horned Pegasus (upgraded version) Diablo Tarrasque (upgraded version) Super Warhammer (upgraded version) Magic Unicorn (upgraded version) Xuan Ling Phoenix (upgraded version) (Upgraded version) Mirage giant elephant (upgraded version) Extreme ice snake (upgraded version) Red refining falcon (upgraded version) Ghost face holy (upgraded version) Flame tongue lizard (upgraded version) Upgrade version) Fire Dragon King (enhanced version) Pa very King Tiger (enhanced version) 4 only upgraded version +3 enhanced version = 7 enhanced version + upgraded version of a full set of 14 magic bomb Wang
  • Product No
  • Applicable age: 8 years of age

Genuine Sambo magic bomb Wang children's deformation toys magic egg king against the war-class version of the full set of inflammation Yan Long horned Pegasus