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Wately Wright | 5-wire 3-wire 2-wire | Laser cast line meter | Level meter |

Wately Wright | 5-wire 3-wire 2-wire | Laser cast line meter | Level meter |
Product code: 13600000030
Unit price 13.62-93.74$
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Wately / Witty
  • Model: WTL-SPY
  • Item No .: 1002/1003/1005
  • (One horizontal and vertical) five lines (one horizontal four vertical) three lines (one horizontal and two vertical)
  • Decoration and construction content: hydropower projects

Wright force laser level
Product Features:
★ 360-degree automatic scanning, high-precision design standards
★ convenient, efficient, accurate and reliable, beautiful design
★ widely used in construction and decoration operations

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