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Love Songbao living room European assembly Rectangular creative simple modern small size coffee table Tempered glass coffee table

Love Songbao living room European assembly Rectangular creative simple modern small size coffee table Tempered glass coffee table
Product code: 13592400030
Unit price 23.65-42.83$
Sold quantity 2179
Available stock 3620

Product parameters:

  • Whether the taxi can be transported: yes
  • Packing volume: 130 * 70 * 30
  • Brand: love pine
  • Model: 3002
  • Installation Instructions Details: Provide installation instructions Provide installation instructions Video provide simple installation tools
  • Shape: square
  • Whether it can be pre-sale: yes
  • Whether assembled or assembled
  • Style Orientation: Art Style
  • Gross weight: 43
  • Cup angle shape: square
  • Design elements: master design
  • Number of doors: no door
  • Color classification: simple royal walnut 1.2 meters zebra wood + tempered glass 1.2 m black + tempered glass 1.2 m shallow walnut + tempered glass 1.2 m white + tempered glass 1.2 m zebra wood + tempered glass moisture thickening 1.2 m black + Toughened Glass Moisturizing Thickening 1.2m Warm Garbage + Tempered Glass Moisture Thickening Thickening 1.2m White + Tempered Glass Moisture Thickening
  • Whether it is scalable: not scalable
  • Whether with a wheel: No
  • Whether with storage space: yes
  • Style: simple modern
  • Origin: Jiangsu Province
  • City: Xuzhou City
  • Structural Technology: Wood - based Panel Technology
  • Artificial board structure process: glued
  • Finishing process: wood-based panel technology
  • Artificial board finishes: decorative paper finishes
  • Whether it can be customized: No
  • Finishing material: glass
  • Material: Wood-based panels
  • Wood-based panel types: Particleboard / Melamine board
  • Can be delivered / installed: other
  • Size: 1.2m or more
  • Installation: assembly

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