Shoes women summer 2016 the new Korean version of the rough with the women's shoes sheepskin flat tip light mouth wedding shoes four seasons low with women's singles shoes

Shoes women summer 2016 the new Korean version of the rough with the women's shoes sheepskin flat tip light mouth wedding shoes four seasons low with women's singles shoes

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Sales Channel Type: pure electricity providers (only online sales)
  • Insole material: PU
  • Brand: Mu Lin
  • Item: ML16--690-888
  • Listed Year Season: Winter 2016
  • Style: Korean
  • Help surface material: sheep suede (sheep 猄)
  • Inside material: PU
  • Cortical features: scrub
  • Sole material: rubber
  • Opening depth: shallow mouth
  • Toe style: pointed
  • Heel high: flat with (less than or equal to 1cm)
  • With the end style: thick with
  • Popular elements: shallow mouth with thick
  • Closed way: set foot
  • Color classification: wine red black beige
  • Size: 34 35 36 37 38 39 40
  • Shoes production process: adhesive shoes
  • pattern: plain
  • Style: single shoes
  • Suitable for: youth (18-40 years of age)
  • Applicable scene: Leisure
  • Toe style: pointed

Pro this shoe is our main section of the fall of this year.

Now Taobao style, quality, price, so we all do not know in the end how to choose a good product.

Upper: black, apricot wine red (first layer of frosted sheepskin)

Inside: super thousands

Pad feet: Chao Qian

Our leather choice!

Why do we believe that the day cat can buy because the day cat genuine.Naturally we in the day cat shop! So we are authentic. To buy the imitation of the consequences we all know! 1. Opened a plastic, out with the collapse to you! 2. Friends, colleagues in front of you out so many heartbreaking! 3. Feet off, my God !, Who can endure? To friends at home you dare take off your shoes? The imitation paragraph shoes quality problem, they control you? Give you change? No! They want is immediate benefits. First of all We have a look at our materials to use our shoes are used in all sheepskin (the first layer of sheepskin) to produce breathable strong! Than other shops selling cattle flip skin (two layers of leather) much better if the pro who do not know can Baidu We will not deceive you. Reliable quality. (Below I will show you our quality inspection report.) We are the conscience of the enterprise only to do manual leather shoes!


PS : Once! There are ten thousand PU Leather placed in front of me, I can do 89 79 69even 59Of the shoes, but I did not choose them! I still choose the comfort of sheepskin.

however You can not see the comfort!

A good pair of shoes is not only a good definition of the need for a good fabric, which is also very important part of our midsole are thicker three-layer latex pad I dare to say here general situation 95%Because the cost of a few dollars! Do not look at this a lot of dollars a lot of time to accumulate. Otherwise we live in China where so much poisonous milk powder, etc. Shoe soles tendon at the end. Super slippery! Here is not explained! Or Baidu it! Anyway, all good! Received the sister of the shoe! You hand to know our comfort.

Shoes will wear foot ah Wearing just fine'

PS Once: When you insist on wearing a pair of wear shoes big shoes You are not so will say to yourself?

So I want to say yes Each pair of shoes Have her temper and personality , Even if I adjust a thousand times still Can not say that she can fit all the world's sister.

The last and most important point:

I think the smart you. Should be the first collection. No matter how. We all know that pre-sales is certainly the amount of! To the price increase. We are now the price. Basically a loss! Quality. We have a clear conscience as a leather shoemaker.

PS : Free shipping insurance

(Try on the floor must be in the clean Oh! So as not to affect the secondary sales of the) time to retreat is not good! Back to it. Boss to deduct my wages. Pro. Do not make me embarrassed Oh!

1.Inappropriate Not satisfied dislike Apply directly for refunds

2.Shipping costs. Do not have to consider We give you bear.

3.Return shipping: insurance company claims! (We sent freight insurance)

Finally encountered various problems. Please contact us and we are happy to help you!