Bevix / Biwei as BV8078M upgraded version | Marvell | 3D HD player | HDD Media Player

Bevix / Biwei as BV8078M upgraded version | Marvell | 3D HD player | HDD Media Player

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Bevix / Biwei as BV8078M
  • CPU cores: Dual-Core
  • Brand: Bevix / Biwei as
  • Model: BV8078M
  • Package Type: official standard
  • Color Classification: 8078M upgraded version of special spike Biwei as hard black 8078M 8178M + 2T + 2T upgraded version of the 8178 standard hard disk special spike
  • Supported formats: DivX MPEG1 DAT BD-ISO DVD-ISO Xvid WMA AVI
  • Storage: Built-in hard drive
  • Output resolution: 1920x1080
  • Player Category: Hard disk player
  • Subtitle formats: SUB ssa PGS
  • Dimensions: 325 * 428 * 50mm
  • Weight: 6kg
  • Interface Type: USB AV Video Component Coaxial Optical Network Interface WIFI HDMI Audio

Please note! We are the grade fever Biwei as 8178M, 8078M appearance than the old features are much better quality sound. The following contrasting oh pro.

The good news: Shop now Biwei as + drive off customers Movies Package System cabinet official sources Biwei as exclusive, hard to plug all sources for automatic classification such as comedy, action movies have turned all the movies with background music poster image. Details introduction. no other home Oh!

Special spike: Biwei as spike 8178M 1996 yuan / Taiwan (Valid only during the event) only an ID Purchase of 2 sets , Buy not shipped. A limited number of early morning to buy concessions, early morning to buy to enjoy.

8178M standard gift packages:
Biwei as BV8178M original standard-definition HDMI cable + +1.4Blu-ray 3D Disc 1 + high quality polarized glasses + national shipping + 2 years warranty =1996 yuan
8178M + 2T hard drive Value Package:
Biwei as BV8178M original standard-definition HDMI cable + +1.4Blu-ray 3D Disc 1 + High-quality polarized glasses + 2 years warranty + 2T hard disk (copy full information can be optional)National free shipping + =2598 yuan

Where Biwei as the difference between 8078m and 8178? 1.8078m shell a little thinner than the new 8178M, 8078M 8178M is the appearance of the new steel is aluminum. 8178M new quality housing and better quality electronic components, 2.8078m its hard disk storage is on the right side, 8178M new hard drive in front of the warehouse, a little humanity a little more convenient, 8178M belongs to the new home theater product of choice. stable! more reliable!! sound quality is much better than the 8078M!

1. The support IPAD / IPHONE access / control broadcast Preamplifier and play hard KLIK3 videos (the player to activate KAPP → Klik3 metadata collection (there are built-in or plug-in the case of a hard disk Klik3) → re-entry into the KLIK3 IPAD interface on the control box to play klik3 shadow cabinets film)
Precautions: 1. Sometimes when switching sources can stop playing, but want to switch sources can not play play, play only need to press again OK; 2. Download files sometimes failed, probably due to the wireless network is unstable or PAD download instability cause, please try a few more user Rom 3. sometimes the host, to try twice basically connected.
2. Support play LAN mounted on the home cloud server KLIK3 hard disk (LAN play → NFS / SAMBA → KUI KUI refresh will find the directory after → refresh, and then point KUI directory on your hard disk into KLIK3 play cloud server in the video)
3. While playing press the mute button to display the mute icon (press the mute button to display symbols of silence when playing music files)
4. Support AV output