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With magnetic digital inclinometer XB-90 angle goniometer / goniometer / goniometer / pitch scale with backlight

With magnetic digital inclinometer XB-90 angle goniometer / goniometer / goniometer / pitch scale with backlight
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Dragon industry
  • Model: XB-90
  • Item: Blister
  • Decoration and construction content: purchase the main material

XB-90 with backlight angle box (chip type) '4 * 90 °'


1, aluminum alloy + ABS engineering plastic shell;
2, measuring range: 0 ± 90 °;
3, resolution: 0.1 °; accuracy: 0.2 °
4, the working temperature: +5 ° C ~ +45 ° C;
6, power: a 7 battery
7, used to measure the workpiece outside the angle and tilt;
8, measuring the surface with magnetic, easy to adsorb on the iron measured object measurement;
9, the size of portable, easy to use with other measurement tools to expand the measurement range;
10, lightweight and durable, easy to carry, easy to read.
★ Packing parameters ★

1, Packing type: color box packaging;

2, Single product Net weight: 118g ± 1.5g

3, Inner packing size: 82 × 77 × 82mm

4, Shape Carton Size: 370 × 340 × 160mm 60 / box

★ operating instructions ★
1, press the ON / OFF button, then shut down, turn off the LCD screen, then press the ON / OFF button to boot; 2, the initial state of the liquid crystal display is 0.0 °, when the left arrow shows '▲', said left high and low, when the left arrow shows '▼', said the left and right high; 3, the instrument placed on the platform, press the ZERO key, the value of zero, liquid crystal display 0.0 ° at this time measured the angle value is relative to the horizontal angle of the table; 4, the body of the bottom of the magnet device can be adsorbed on the iron material measuring body attachments, press the ZERO key to do the relative measurement.

★ Application field ★

This product is used for car four wheel positioning repair, woodworking machinery, machine adjustment, construction, construction machinery operations such as angle measurement of the necessary tools.
1, woodworking industry: (especially the furniture manufacturing industry) which the precise angle of cutting wood, adjust the cutting angle of the saw;
2, the automotive industry: the precise control of the timing of assembly tires, large vehicle arm rotation angle, road control, engineering vehicles leveling;
3, the machinery industry: the precise positioning of the machine tool angle, lathe and cutting table angle settings;
4, the construction industry: large engineering vehicle equipment pitch angle, roll angle and tilt angle, road bridge slope detection;
5, the communications industry: telecommunications base stations, radar antenna angle alignment, satellite antenna, television receiver elevation measurement;
6, other: biological, medical, robot and other areas need to measure the angle and control angle.