! Digital inclinometer angle gauge XB-90 / inclinometer | goniometer / pitch scale with backlight

! Digital inclinometer angle gauge XB-90 / inclinometer | goniometer / pitch scale with backlight

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Dragon industry
  • Model: XB-90
  • Item: blisters
  • Renovation and construction content: the main material procurement

XB-90 cassette with backlight angle (chip type) [4 * 90 °]

Product Features

1, aluminum + ABS plastic shell;
2, measuring range: 0 ± 90 °;
3. Resolution: 0.1 °; Accuracy: 0.2 °
4, operating temperature: + 5 ° C ~ + 45 ° C;
6, Power: one AAA batteries
7, for measuring the inclination of the outer corner of the workpiece;
8, measuring surface with a magnetic, easy to iron adsorbed on the object measured;
9, the portable size, convenience and other measurement tools used in conjunction with the expansion of the measuring range;
10, lightweight, durable, easy to carry, easy to read.
★ Instructions ★
1. Tap the ON / OFF key was turned off, turn off the LCD screen, and then tap the ON / OFF button was turned on; 2, beginning status LCD is 0.0 °, when the left arrow to display the '▲' when, indicates right low left high, when the left arrow to display the '▼', it indicates low right high left; 3, the instrument will be placed on a horizontal table, tap the zERO key, zero value, LCD 0.0 ° measured at this time angle is an angle value relative level station; 4, the device body at the bottom of the magnet can be adsorbed on the iron material measuring body attachment, tap the ZERO key is cleared for relative measurements.

★ ★ Applications

This product is an essential tool for automotive wheel alignment repair, woodworking machinery, machine adjustment, construction, construction machinery and other work angle measurement.

1, Woodworking: (especially furniture manufacturing industry) were precisely cut wood angle adjustment chainsaw cutting angle;
2, the automotive industry: precise control of the assembly of the tire angle, the angle of rotation of large vehicles for arms control pavement, construction vehicles tone equality;
3, the mechanical industry: precise positioning, cutting lathes and machine work table angle angle setting;
4, the construction industry: large construction vehicle equipment pitch angle, roll angle and tilt angle, road bridges gradient detection;
5, the communications industry: telecommunications base stations, radar antenna angular alignment, satellite antenna, a television receiver elevation measurements;
6, other: biology, medicine, robotics and other areas need to measure and control the angle of the angle.

★ ★ packaging parameters

1, Package Type: Color box;

2, Single product weight: 118g ± 1.5g

3, Inner packing size: 82 × 77 × 82mm

4, Shape Carton size: 370 × 340 × 160mm 60 / box