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Di News | Samsung s6 Phone Case S6edge + plus phone shell silicone protective sleeve popular brands s7edge curved screen

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Product parameters:

  • Cover texture: Acrylic
  • Style: Case
  • Color Classification: S7 straight screen [Tyrant gold] S7 straight screen [Rose Gold] S7 straight screen [gun black] Note5 [golden] Note5 [gun color] S6 Edge Plus / G9280 [gold] S6 Edge Plus / G9280 [silver] Note5 [silver] S6 Edge Plus / G9280 [gun black] S7 Edge curved screen [Tyrant gold] S7 Edge curved screen [rose gold] S7 Edge curved screen [silver] S7 Edge curved screen [gun black] S6 Edge / G9250 [gold] S6 Edge / G9250 [silver] S6 Edge / G9250 gun [black] S6 / G9200 [gold] S6 / G9200 [silver] S6 / G9200 gun [black]
  • Style: South Korea
  • Applicable phone models: Samsung / Samsung
  • Samsung Model: S6edge Plus
  • Brand: xundd / Di News
  • Model: Jazz s6edgeplus


Pro, This product contains more than one Samsung phone model, when pro photographed sure to correspond to their own phone model options

(Settings - System --About phone, you can view your Samsung phone model)

Samsung S7 straight screen (5.1 inch) Model: G9300, G9308, G9309

Samsung S7 Edge song screen (5.5 inch) Model: G9350, G935a

Samsung S6 straight screen (5.1 inch) Model: G9200, G9208, G9200

Samsung S6 Edge curved screen (5.1 inch) Model: G9250, G925

Samsung S6 Edge + plus song screen (5.7 inch) Model: G9280, G9287

Samsung Note5 (5.7 inch) Model: N9200, N9208, N9209