Jie Li Movies 2 m 3 m Rocker | SLR Camera 5D2 3 gh4 small rocker | Wedding DV small rocker

Jie Li Movies 2 m 3 m Rocker | SLR Camera 5D2 3 gh4 small rocker | Wedding DV small rocker

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: SEETEC / visual Reiter
  • Model: st20
  • Color Classification: 2 m 2.4 m rocker small small small rocker arm 3 m

Optional baby : -
A paragraph: 2 m A rocker arm body, head sized, monitor stand, maintenance tools, thick portable backpack.
B section: 2.4 m A rocker arm body, head sized, monitor stand, maintenance tools, thick portable backpack.
C section: 3 meters A rocker arm body, head sized, monitor stand, maintenance tools, thick portable backpack.

( Tripod is not included in the picture, the monitor, the counterweight, the camera )

Features: Jie Li Ying Mini-version of the rocker arm for a variety of portable professional camera, and 5d2, 7d and the like. Not simply as a lifting arm to use, it can be used as a tripod extension arm, whether high or low shot beat. There pan shot racking can be handy, whether indoors or outdoors can make the most suitable Television crews, feature films, micro-movies, Arts, general video advertising production.

Applicable Tripod: association and special, Wei-Feng 717, 9901, 9902, meaning the United States, Czech Republic, 7060, 7050, Lee shot 650, and a high 25 Benro KH-25 and other DV Tripod

Tips before buying : We do not offer a counterweight arm, each friend with camera

Different machines, weights required are not the same, so also the venue of a local fitness

Store to buy their own equipment applicable dumbbell piece!

The main technical parameters:

Overall Length: 300cm

1.8 m forearm + Head board
Minimum operating height: 20cm

Maximum operating height: 330cm (1.55 Mi Tripod)

After the maximum extension arm length: 120cm
Carry Length: 150cm
Suitable Camera Weight: 10kg
Maximum load: 10kg
Equipped with bowl: 65mm-75mm (ball-sized 100mm friend Please advise reprovision 100mm floor, without additional money)
Weight: 9kg

For shooting small rocker, many people there are errors on the following ideas:

1. Do not put small as 30 meters above the rocker 'guns' use, each have their own purpose, is generally used to show the big cannon scene, but the real purpose is to achieve a small arm or enhance the sense of space scheduling screen so as to enhance the impact, generally small pan arm, arm, low angle shot, drilling window, get married, pick an empty fulcrum complex stunts, skill is used to shoot the picture.

2. Many of my friends mistakenly believe that small and cannon arm is behind the operation, it is not true, correct operation is small arm at the front end of the operation can also be understood as a tripod and lift rocking curve having a function, at the front end direct control PTZ can do a lot of complicated stunts, in fact, especially good operation, and now the DV / HDV itself with the LCD monitor, it is very easy to operate. only TV people love guns behind the operation, generally used for broadcast in fact, many people are making a film in front of the operation, the purpose is to get the best controllable resistance, complex integrated camera movement.

3. Do not think that the effect of small arm shot Daquan when not obvious, is not obvious that there is no good reference, 'cannons' shooting no reference effect is also obvious, like in the desert with a 10-meter arm inside shooting, you can not get out no matter how high the effect, because there is no frame of reference. the solution is to increase the number of prospects in front of the camera, you can try, certainly a big difference.

4. Do not blindly pursue the height of the swing arm is not simply for the purpose of height, so if you can high above the roof to shoot, or that the purpose of the sentence is to create a sense of space rocker picture, in fact, the film crew to use every day rocker is only 1.2 meters long, this length is actually very practical, we must bear in mind is to complete the technical movements with the arm, not the elevator.

5. When you want to shoot with a very large dynamic lens, if you do not combine the rhythm of music around the lens and lens large dynamic look uncomfortable, very faint regret. In fact, many large and then look at the current line of a class of advertising, which there are so many from the lowest point to the highest point, and from the lens to the lowest seat height, O most beautiful of the lens is to use a header or a slight movement in the telephoto lens, the picture and then set some prospects, the effect is very atmospheric, must remember to live film 'atmosphere'.

6. Do not superstitious electronic control PTZ, electronic control units is not bad luck (of course I am referring to is the quality of the electronic control head, like a lot of DIY electronic control PTZ technically still a concept), what head application depends on the occasion, when the movie is often installed on twelve meters cannon ordinary manual head shot, the purpose is to facilitate control, electronic control PTZ applies to a lot of the scenes or out of the scope of work when the arm, in many cases is a last resort.

Some say it should be noted that:

1. Small rocker must be one person operation, together the two operations will seriously affect the trajectory of shooting cannon shooting exception.

2. Try to use of high-precision arm, will provide assistance to support the role of the shooting, bad shooting arm but will increase the difficulty of control.

3. When shooting sure to leave some convenience for the post, to the web and grew a drop rate, the film can be taken exception.
Personal experience, if different opinions please exchange.

'Pan' in several ways

Shooting, the pan is one of the most commonly used technique. When shooting scenes too ambitious, with a wide-angle lens if you can not put the whole picture entirely filmed, then you should use the 'pan' of shooting.

Panning around the upper and lower pan and pan, the camera position is unchanged, relying on changes in the angle of the camera to shoot shoot panning method under the following two conditions are often used: the first case is when a shot when the big scene or a landscape, which is often used at the beginning you have to shoot the story fragments, like some opening remarks, inferior race to introduce the events and locations protagonist character location and environment; second case is used to track a moving target, for example, is a high-diving athletes, something fell upstairs or a running automobile.

(A) up and down the pan
In this shooting method can track pictures of moving up and down the target as dive athletes from athletes standing high station ready to jump as from the web, the lens zoom in, lock the target, starting to jump into the water, shot with the whereabouts of athletes and synchronization down. such a scene is best to use to shoot close-ups, if the camera work properly, just a few seconds, all in one, a strong visual impact, but taken such a goal is difficult, the key is not the speed of the pan good grasp, difficult to move the composition. shooting sure to exercise a few times, unless you are 'veterans', generally do not use too close to the lens to shoot.
Panning up and down a method often used to display some of the impossibly high performance with a complete picture of the whole scene, or to show a scene of tall and majestic high vertical building is the best goal panning up and down. Station in front of a high-rise buildings, first floor flat proactive way to take a base, and then slowly move to the top from the bottom up until the rise of the lens - a small group of lenses of the whole landscape into the building line of sight, so that more high-rise majestic.

(B) about pan
A transverse arc route shaking the camera, you can shoot well wide panoramic view or move around the target.
Left and right panning method is: First, the termination of the body facing the direction of the pan, so that the camera is stable, the last point toward camera shake, and then began to turn the direction of the pan body and start shooting the body slowly and evenly to. termination direction, until the entire panning process.
When the handset is panned body generally do not need to rotate 90 °, such as more than 90 °, people will feel uncomfortable, will have an adverse image stabilizer. Panning up and down with the same, with this method to track panning shot around the key objective is to move master panning speed, keep shooting target's movement speed to keep pace.
For example, we took a car from left to right exercise we need to plan your route and cars with panning start and end point; then Grab the camera body toward the end point of a firm, turn the upper body to play wait for the start point of the target; once a goal into the picture began to shoot, and with the movement of the car and shot the upper body to the right uniform rotation is always aligned with the car until the pan end point, the middle can not pause to note panning composition. walking spatially balanced, to be greater than the target of extra space. to finish shooting, you can stop shaking track the target, the camera does not move to stop a couple of seconds, so that the target slowly disappear from the screen.
Shooting such a set of lenses to plan in advance, before shooting to have a process to prepare. To be ready posture, and other targets appear, and can not wait to enter the target panning starting point and we have to grab the machine beat, tied to pull such a hurry We will not have good results. so you must make a advance.

(C) To smooth camera work
When panning, be sure to smooth movement of the camera lens is best to use a tripod, this will help capture stable images if you use the handset, is its basic position: first, standing feet apart about 50 cm, toes slightly outwardly into a character type, and then shaking the waist (note not the head, but not the knee). This makes the operation more smooth panning carried out.
Whether up or down or panning left and right pan, smooth smooth operation should be done, the picture is smooth, non-stop in the middle, not the unsteadiness. Be careful not to move the camera too much, and do not move the camera without need. panning the start and end points must be timed just right, the use of skills must have watched inch. also avoid swaying, like flowers. over the past would not have pan pan back, left and right or up and down can only be done once the panorama shooting.

(Iv) the right pan speed
Panning time not too long or too short. Based on past experience, with a panning shot of the way to take a group of about 10 seconds is appropriate, when the playback screen is too short to look like flying, too long to see will feel dragging its feet.
A panning shot should have a clear beginning and end, you want to play on the web and off the web screen to stabilize stay for some time, generally about three seconds is enough, so people look stable natural lens, this is - is very important not to stay off the web, giving the pan will not end and incomplete feeling.
Of course, different treatments needed art also common: If you want the picture to add some tension, you can speed up a little bit shift speed shot, so that you can achieve the desired effect, such a picture, we thriller in Hollywood the film often see.

(V) zooming panning will be more effective
Some people think about when panning should be transferred to the widest angle zoom lens (W) in position to shoot. In fact, many times, a little closer to the lens with the lens to shoot close-ups even better results, so shooting down the picture more interesting, richer presence.

'Arcuate movement shooting' is to put the photographer in a circular or arcuate direction, not straight. 'Arc subject' walk way with basic side walk walk walk fashion shoot about the same, but the routes are different. Arc taken curvature should not be too large or too small, it should be controlled at 120 ° -. between 180 ° on an entire clip, the main objective should be maintained in the center of the screen.

With this 'arc taken' way to go around a stationary scene - such as a fountain, a statue or even a bunch of flowers - shooting better than standing still pictures taken much more lively and interesting, so it can be good scenery still reflects the depth and layers.