Only color TSN415 upgrade HD portable scanner portable scanner scanning pen

Only color TSN415 upgrade HD portable scanner portable scanner scanning pen

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: SKYPIX / CD color
  • Model: TSN415
  • Scanning element: CCD
  • Scanner Type: Portable scanner pen
  • Service: Genius
  • Most large format: A4
  • Interface Type: USB2.0
  • Optical Resolution (dpi): 600x600dpi

Default Package: an upgraded version of the only color TSN415 standard (machine a USB data cable, aA protective cover, a cloth Sassafras, Chinese manual, software CD, white balance correction card) = 229 yuan

Package one : An upgraded version of the only color TSN415 standard + 8G card + original drop resistance package = 257 yuan

Package two : An upgraded version of the only color TSN415 standard + 16G card + original drop resistance package = 277 yuan

Special Note: Beijing 'two sessions' period (3 2 - March 31), Beijing, Hebei, Inner Mongolia in those areas affected by courier, please take sure to contact us to check, do not contact photographed, if the subject within the area of ​​influence, will be delayed until April shipment, please understand.

About Express: Our default hair through, Gansu / Xinjiang / Inner Mongolia / Tibet / Ningxia / Qinghai and other regions the postal parcel, need to make up freight difference, for other courier, please contact instructions otherwise stated point: portable scanner comes with battery (including lithium battery), can only take the land, generally within two days to Guangdong province, other provinces 4-7 days in duration (the distance is different from the time of receipt is different.) do not take urgent, anxious customers, please contact customer service , make up the difference SF (removable battery models only addition to Guangdong lithium battery models can not be issued SF), be sure not to let express speed problem difficult customer service Oh, I hope you can understand! Thank you first!

TSN415 Description:

Handheld scanners and common scanner, the biggest advantage is small size, it can use to carry out, so the scanning pen can play a much larger role in some special cases than the scanner can be the case from the computer use it, in the vast majority of indoor and outdoor spaces can be used, after scanning into the computer, can be edited to use, very convenient.

Only color TSN415 portable scanner Volume 254mm * 30mm * 28mm , Weighing about 146g, very compact, can carry. Matte black plastic case with silver appearance, the bottom left side of the backplane design a mini USB2.0 interface for data transfer, product use two AA (5) batteries as a source of power at work.

This scanner is the highest optical Resolution of 900dpi , When used, are free to switch to 300dpi, 600dpi, 900dpi three resolution scan.

Maximum support A4 format Paper (Width 21CM Scanning can be less).

Hand-held scanners scope is very broad:Banking, insurance, securities, doctors, lawyers, judicial officers, research institutions, construction, real estate development And so most suitable for difficult or even general scanners can not scan files, documents such as: construction drawings, various newspapers and magazines, books, commercial invoices, commercial contracts, posters posters, pictures, maps, important documents and more.