Electronic scales to weigh 1-3 tons | electronic platform, said the car floor | 2T scales that industrial scales 5T

Electronic scales to weigh 1-3 tons | electronic platform, said the car floor | 2T scales that industrial scales 5T

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Granville constant
  • Color Classification: 1.0m * 1.2m (1-3 tons) 0.8m × 0.8m (1-3t) 1.0m × 1.0m (1-3t) 1.2m × 1.2m (1-3t) 1.2m × 1.5 m (1-3 tons) 1.5 m × 1.5 m (1-3 tons) 1.5 m × 2.0 m (1 - 5 m) 1.5 m * 3 m (1-5 t) 2 m * 2 m (1-5 t) 2 m * 3 m (1-5 t) Slope 1.0 m * 0.6 m Slope 1.2 m * 0.6 m Slope 1.5 (5 tons thick) 1.5 meters × 1.5 meters (5 tons thick) 1.5 meters × 1.5 meters (5 tons thick) 1.5 meters × 1.5 meters (5 tons thick) A6 display

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1 machine welding
Many small factories are hand soldering welding, easy to fall off, easy to rust, short life, our company is fully automatic machine welding.
Sealing rodent structure
Our scale body is fully sealed rodent structure to prevent the inside of the signal line was rat snapping. Do not know the pro before there have been encountered inside the signal line was rat snapping situation?
3 using the sensitive sensor in the aircraft
We are a day cat shop, we pay more attention to customer experience and quality, our sensors are using the best sensor on the market.China Aviation brand, a sensor you have dozens to hundreds of different.We sold two thousand last year More than one loadometer (a loadometer four sensors) more than 10,000 sensors in only one bad so our quality is very good if the pro-sensor bad you can contact us after-sale we will give you the first time the sensor Made in the past
Large weight debugging
Each of our products are manufactured with large-scale weight debugging is very accurate
5Spray paint
Our paint is sprayed on the market to deal with a lot of low-cost to paint or paint is easy to fall off easy to rust, resulting in weighing are not allowed.
6 We all have the wrong error code on the display we can determine where the bad, which parts are broken, we send you to send your replacement parts on it.
Plus three-year warranty, quality assurance.

model: XK3190-A6E series

TCS series of small floor scale product specifications

Maximum tonnage: 1T 2T 3T

Accuracy: 0.2Kg 0.5Kg 0.5kg

Table size: 1.2M * 1.2M

TCS series of small floor scale Subsidiary configuration

1 four feet, rubber base can play a role in anti-slip scale foot is made of alloy steel to adjust the level of role

2 manual certificate warranty card (three bags a year of life-long maintenance)

3 paper packaging

4 color points blue

5 link box (instrument connected with the scale body of the device inside the weighbridge)

Anti-skid high-strength steel table
Shock - resistant structure
Four high-strength steel sensors, with waterproof junction box
Other special sizes and ranges can be customized

Product Features:

* Use high precision Series Sensitive device 4 ,long lasting ,Security overload200%,

* Standard with XK3190-A12E display, according to demand can also be used with other displays , Built-in 6V / 4mA Maintenance-free batteries, Charge / Plug-in dual-use, charge once available 100 hour , Long battery life;

*6Bit subtitles LCD Red digital display, read clearly

* With single-point calibration and three-point correction of the function, to ensure accuracy

* With automatic adjustment of zero and software filtering, weighing reaction speed can be adjusted according to different use of the environment

* Scale surface to A36 structure pattern steel and U-shaped steel skeleton, based on durable

* Single-layer standard structure, with four adjustable feet; double structure, suitable for pit weighbridge, with four sets of bowl-shaped indenter components, easy to install.

* Use waterproof connection box to connect 4 sensors.

* Can be easily connected with the weight control display to read the weight data and start other functions
Quality assurance:

Products non-human factors damage one year warranty, the product life to enjoy the company's services.

· The Seller provides free training to the Buyer for the use, maintenance and repair of the equipment.

Other standard specifications:

Capacity: 1T / 0.2kg 2T / 0.5kg 3T / 0.5kg 5T / 1kg 10T / 2kg

Table size: 0.8 * 0.8m 1m * 1m 1.2m * 1.2m 1.2m * 1.5m 1.5m * 1.5m 1.5m * 2m 1.5m * 2.5m 1.5m * 3m 1.7m * 2.5m2m * 2m 2m * 3m.

Other special specifications can call custom