Bo Fei DZS3-1 automatic Anping level | high-precision | automatic

Bo Fei DZS3-1 automatic Anping level | high-precision | automatic

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: dad
  • Model: DZS3-1
  • Item No .: DZS3-1
  • Color Classification: Instrument host instrument + tripod instrument + tripod +5 meter tower feet
  • Decoration and construction content: installation works

Use and scope of use

DZS3-1 type automatic leveler is the level of precision in the series of water level.It is widely used in the national control of three or four leveling, topography measurement, engineering survey and mine survey, can be +45 degrees Celsius - 25 degrees Celsius temperature Working within the scope of use.

Technical features:



product name

Water level

standard deviation

≤ ± 3mm


Just as



Effective aperture of objective lens

45 mm

Field of view

Line of sight multiplied by a constant


Line of sight plus constant

140 mm

The shortest line of sight


Compensation range


Angle value of circular level

8 '/ 2mm

Net weight of the instrument

3.4 kg

External dimensions of the instrument

28mm * 160mm * 140mm