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Futian automatic electronic Anping laser marking instrument | four horizontal and four vertical: EK-787P, EK789P, EK777P

Futian automatic electronic Anping laser marking instrument | four horizontal and four vertical: EK-787P, EK789P, EK777P
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Asian name
  • Model: EK-789P
  • Item No .: 789P
  • Decoration and construction content: installation works

Laser marking instrument, sensor series

Eight lines four horizontal and four vertical


Or 789P,

Or 777P price, the same function, that is, the model is not the same

Product Introduction

* The use of electronic automatic Anping, Anping range, high precision, good stability.

* Using wavelengths635nm Of the semiconductor lasers, laser lines clear and bright.

* The use of single-chip control, easy to use, reliable.

* Can produce four orthogonal lines perpendicular to each other and four horizontal lines, with the next point.

Can be 360Rotate the belt to fine-tune the body to facilitate accurate positioning.

* Can be used indoors and outdoors.

Technical indicators

Horizontal accuracy: ±1mm / 10m

Vertical accuracy: ±1mm / 10m

Under the point of precision: ±1mm / 1.4m

Orthogonal precision: 90° ±30"

Zenith accuracy: ±1mm / 3m

Automatic Anping range: about ±4°

Launch angle: vertical line ≥110°, horizontal line ≥120°

Laser wavelength: vertical and horizontal 8x635nm ; The next point 1x650nm

Working distance: indoor working radius approx 10m; Use of detectors, working radius50m

Laser injection power: 1mw The following (safety standards 2level)

power supply: 4.8V-6V (4Nickel-metal hydride batteries or 4Section 5Dry batteries)

Continuous working hours: approx 6Hour (full laser tube)

Operating temperature: -10-- +45

size: ECHO-787P: 135 (Φ) X200 (H) mm

weight: ECHO-787P: 1.35 (Including battery)

Applicable industry:

Construction: standard horizontal line, window angle, door angle, stigma angle.
Engineering monitoring: window angle, door angle, stigma angle detection, the level of detection.
Engineering Decoration: Door and window installation, staircase handrail installation, pipe installation, ceiling.
Home decoration: paste wall tiles, plank installation, background installation, woodworking decoration.

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