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Effective water-soluble color pencil 4872 color art painting graffiti painted iron box fill soluble color of lead

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Deli / Deli 6523
  • Packing: tin
  • Brand: Deli / Deli
  • Deli Model: 6523
  • Pen Type: colored pencils
  • Color classification: 48 color tin tray 36 color 24 color 48 color tin tin tin color + 72 + fog forest fog forest tray 36 color 24 color 48 color tin tray 72 color tin
  • Number of colors: 24 color 36 color 48 color other
  • Application category: Drawing

Aqueous and oily ordinary distinction

Effect 1. It is called a water-soluble color of lead water-soluble color of lead, that is because the water-soluble color of lead can be painted with a brush dipped in water to draw Watercolor

2. Common oily color of lead is oily color of lead, is a good tool for freehand drawing

3 kind of water-soluble color of lead freehand drawing thin, another on the feeling.

4. Oily ordinary kind of oily color of lead, bright feeling

5. The water-soluble color of lead is like paint, oil is like ordinary color of lead paint