Multicolored diamond rope cord Xingyue Pu Tizi water hyacinth Man playing beads bracelet hand-beaded braid Accessories Package

Multicolored diamond rope cord Xingyue Pu Tizi water hyacinth Man playing beads bracelet hand-beaded braid Accessories Package

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: stone Myth
  • Color Classification: 0.8mm (1 volume about 40 meters) 1.0mm roll (a roll about 40 meters) 1.5mm roll (a roll about 40 meters) 1.8mm (1 volume about 40 meters) [Jia Jinsi paragraph 0.8mm (1 volume of about 40 m)] 2.5mm roll (a roll about 40 meters) [Jia Jinsi subsection 2.5mm (1 volume about 40 meters)] [Jia Jinsi subsection 1.0mm (1 volume about 40 meters)] [ Jia Jinsi paragraph 1.5mm (1 volume about 40 meters)] [Jia Jinsi subsection 1.8mm (1 volume about 40 meters)]
  • Material: Other
  • Condition: New
  • Price range: 1.00-9.99 yuan
  • Strange new: freshly baked
  • Product Number: ZKD88885

Stone said:
Two differences:

Jia Jinsi paragraph: None of core unreinforced (general section)

No gold section: reinforcement of core strengthening (strengthening paragraph)
This line National! Volume 1, a length of about 40 meters! Stone will send you a tee crochet, allowing you to wear tee Buddha head with!

Some players say it is also very funny, Cattle are bought, but to save money on cattle rope . Day cow ran (beads scattered) facing the loess, Ding overturned one by one to find where that regrets are too late!

This line is tugged me anyway handle dragged the bleeding did not pull off, you can pull to try to receive, as asked why wear to wear off, in fact, you did not deal with the bead hole, which is commonly known as the hole cut the rope. I do not sell that kind 6--10 yuan of goods, a hard pull on the broken, and some took 6--10 yuan goods posing enhanced, the price is lower than that of my family that this person really the people cast aside, I think we play Man playing does not mean to buy the kind of connections are cheap, right?

Typically 8 * 69 * 7 General use 1.0

Xingyue Bodhi 812 10 * 10 * 1.5 Selection line.

Small diamond with 0.8mm, Donkey Kong if the large hole, then you can use 1.0, if the hole is relatively large may be 1.5. As for the 1.8 and 2.5 I think you also know that for a very large hole, but honestly line thicker look better but this thing is a bit of skill, such as our moon and stars sometimes on 1.8, but I can get you is not necessarily the line, so I suggest that the moon and stars with 1.0 and 1.5!

Enhanced high quality multicolored line lines national mail

[Legendary line of powerful prayer beads]

Multicolored lines, shop exclusive Buddha beads make the line, durable cost-effective, Man playing Buddha are the only choice, used friends say good. Why stronger than the average La-line, followed by details of the plan to resolve.

Made specifically for the small pores string beads tailored.

The following picture shows three sizes: diameter 1.5MM colorful lines, Diameter 1.8mm multicolored lines, Diameter 2.5mm colorful lines.

NOTE: multicolored lines relative to other sections of the rope is more wear-resistant and tough, Leverage drops

Uses: Freedom Fun DIY hand-woven rope, you can compile bracelets, pendants rope waist chain hanging bag can do, car hanging Buddhist lanyard, lanyard jade etc.