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Wyatt Flower Practice Grafting Eyelash Glue Micro Stimulation Viscous Good Slow Dry Novice Practice Right

Wyatt Flower Practice Grafting Eyelash Glue Micro Stimulation Viscous Good Slow Dry Novice Practice Right
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Product parameters:

  • Net content: 15ml
  • Brand: Yue intended to spend
  • Product Name: Rose slow - drying glue LG006
  • Specifications Type: Normal Specification
  • Shelf life: 6 months
  • made in China

Product Name: Yue Yi Hua Rose slow - drying micro - stimulating glue

Brand: Yue intended to spend
Features: There is stimulation, the individual can not use
Colour: Black
Capacity: 15ml
Hold time: about 30 days
Shelf life: about six months
Firmness: strong
Fast dry: dry
Applicable people: beauty salon
Product Description: Low odor, stimulating, beauty salon dedicated glue, the individual can not be used.
Advantages: low odor, micro-stimulation
Special Note:
Any glue can not be in direct contact with the skin, and once inadvertently come into contact with the eyes, immediately rinse with water!
Because these are chemical products, their use of planting eyelashes in the case, for the sake of your skin, it is recommended that you buy the tasteless, non-stimulating grafting glue to avoid unnecessary irritation of the eyes, to avoid unnecessary eye irritation, Burn the eyes, there are stimulating glue beauty salons, high-end customers apply.
1, with plastic wrap up and down eyelashes to separate, close your eyes
2, with eyelashes comb to mascara straighten out
3, to observe the customer's eyelashes after the selection of some suitable eyelashes, should be short before, after a short
4, false eyelash glue when the water, only stick to one-third, and then gently pull out, sticky false eyelashes glue can not have bubbles
5, false eyelashes can not stick to the roots and the real lashes on the skin, should be next to the true eyelashes, eyelashes to leave the root 0.5-1MM, stick to the true eyelashes two-thirds
6, a false eyelashes should be stuck in a true lashes, can not stick in a few true lashes, sticky second lashes and good just sticky lashes away from the point, can not stick together, dry The process takes about 40 seconds, to be fully dry after the next one
7, one eye after blowing with the ball dried, about 5-10 minutes for customers to open their eyes
8, do not rub after the completion.