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Suzhou Su Yiguang authorized level measuring instrument level meter indium steel ruler settlement observation dedicated

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  • Brand: YG / a light
  • Model: DS03
  • Item No .: DS03
  • Decoration and construction content: installation works

Suzhou, a light authorized original authentic

Spot DS03 high precision level

product description

DS03 level is the only domestic production of high precision level, is bound to its stable and reliable performance, high level of measurement accuracy, unique and innovative appearance structure to lead a new generation of domestic high-end level of the trend DS03 high precision automatic Anping level is built-in micro-flat plate of high precision automatic level, the instrument uses automatic compensation technology and built-in encoder and digital circuit processing micrometer system, and directly from the display display micrometer readings, direct reading 0.01mm, accurate and reliable, The most important point is that DS03 level standard 1km round-trip measurement of 0.3mm standard deviation of the level of all varieties in the country is the highest level.It has been tested, 1km round-trip difference fully meet the requirements of the national standard high precision level.

product manual:

DS03 level is a true high-precision optical level, its technical indicators have to meet the national standard "level GB101562009" in the high-end series of instruments can be applied to the national first-class leveling and seismic leveling, And settlement monitoring, mine surveying, large-scale machine installation, tooling measurement and precision engineering measurement.

Product Features:
DS03 high-precision automatic level is the use of built-in micro-plate structure, the use of direct meshing of the gear micro-structure, completely eliminate the traditional micro-plate structure in the line of sight, readings directly from the display, eliminating the measurement Micro-scale readings exist in the reading error, the instrument is fully sealed design, can effectively dust and water, seal up to IP55; magnification and objective lens diameter larger, more clear observation objectives; compensator fixed access to national patent new Technology to improve the reliability and stability of the instrument.The appearance of the instrument balance and coordination, placement and stability, water level higher accuracy, better performance center.

Technical Parameters:

(The use of a light DS03 special Suzhou indium tile scale)
The standard deviation of the height difference measured per kilometer is ≤0.3mm
Telescope just as
Magnification 42 ×
Objective lens diameter 50mm
The shortest sight distance 1.2m
Multiplied by a constant of 100
Add the constant 0
Compensator Operating Range ± 15 '
Anping accuracy of ± 0.2 "
Circular level sensitivity 5 '/ 2mm
Measuring range of 10mm
Reading system coding dial
Reading mode digital liquid crystal display
The minimum display reading is 0.01mm
Micrometer reading precision 0.01mm
Battery life> 10 hours