Suzhou Su Yiguang Authorized Level level meter level meter dedicated indium ruler settlement observation

Suzhou Su Yiguang Authorized Level level meter level meter dedicated indium ruler settlement observation

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: YG / a light
  • Model: DS03
  • Item No: DS03
  • Renovation and construction content: Installation Engineering

Suzhou, a light original authentic licensed

Shelf DS03 High Precision Level

product description

DS03 Level is currently the only way to achieve mass production of domestic high-precision Level, bound to its stable and reliable performance, a high level of measurement accuracy, a unique new form factor to lead a new generation of domestic high-end water level trend. DS03 high-precision automatic Anping Level is built micrometer plate of high-precision automatic Anping Level, the instrument automatically compensates for the use of technology and built-in encoders and digital processing circuits micrometer system, by direct screen display micrometer readings, direct-reading 0.01mm, accurate and reliable, the most important thing is, DS03 level 1km from the standard of measurement standard deviation reached the level of 0.3mm in all domestic species is the highest water level. after testing, the difference between 1km and from fully meet the national standard high-precision level requirements.

product manual:

DS03 Level is a true high-precision optical level, various technical indicators meet the national standard "Level GB101562009" required in high-end series of the instrument can be used in the national first-class standard of measurement and earthquake leveling, construction measuring deformation and subsidence monitoring, mine surveying, installation of large machinery, tooling and measuring precision engineering measurement.

Product Features:
DS03 high-precision automatic Anping Level is the use of built-in micrometer flat structure, using micrometer structures gears mesh directly, completely eliminating the traditional line differential micrometer plate structures that exist, reading directly from the display on the screen, eliminating the test reading error micrometer readings exist, the instrument fully sealed design, can effectively dust and water sealing rating of up to IP55; greater magnification and objective lens diameter, observing targets more clearly; fixed compensator adopts new national patent technology to improve the reliability and stability of the instrument. instrument appearance balance coordination, placement stability, the accuracy of a higher standard, better performance center.

Technical Parameters:

(Suzhou using a special light DS03 invar scale)
Per km roundtrip measuring height standard deviation ≤0.3mm
The telescope
42 × magnification
50mm objective lens diameter
Minimum sight distance 1.2m
100 by a constant
Additive constant 0
Compensator Working range ± 15 '
Anping accuracy of ± 0.2 "
Circular level sensitivity 5 '/ 2mm
Micrometer range 10mm
Reading system encoder dial
Digital LCD readout mode
Minimum reading 0.01mm
Micrometer reading accuracy 0.01mm
Battery duration> 10 hours