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Promotion | Futian green FD-6G outdoor receiver with green level to use | detector outdoor dedicated

Promotion | Futian green FD-6G outdoor receiver with green level to use | detector outdoor dedicated
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Fukuda
  • Model: FD-6G
  • Item No .: Green light receiver
  • Color Classification: FD-9G FD-6G
  • Decoration and construction content: installation works

FD-6G Green Laser Level Receiver, also known as the detector, it can be invisible in the laser or the case of the laser line is received.

Working radius of up to 50 meters with the Futian green laser level to use.


1, 3-side indicator light display

The front, side, and rear high-intensity indicators indicate the laser line position

2, idle automatic shutdown

When the detector does not receive any laser line, and for 6 minutes without pressing any key will automatically shut down to save energy

3, low-voltage alarm

When the battery voltage is low, the power indicator will flash to notify the user to replace the new battery as soon as possible

Performance parameters:

Corresponding model: Futian Laser Precision Instrument Co., Ltd. Matching the original vote-line instrument

Detection range: 1 to 50 meters horizontal, vertical 1 to 50 meters (in line with the requirements of the use of the environment)

Detection accuracy: high precision ± 1.5mm, low accuracy ± 2.5mm

Power: 9V laminated battery

Overall dimensions: 146mm (H) x 68mm (W) x 28mm (D)

Weight: about 160g (including battery)

Futian Green Light Receiver Products:

Steps for usage

1, install the battery

Insert the 9V tandem battery into the detector battery compartment to ensure that the reed contacts are in good contact with the battery.

2, the control panel

Power key: Controls the power on / off of the detector. The corresponding power indicator on the top right of the key indicates that the power is on and off when it is off. When it flashes, the battery voltage is too low. Replace the battery as soon as possible.

Sound switching key: Turns the buzzer on or off to control whether the instrument beeps when a laser line is detected.

3, detection of laser line

If the horizontal laser line is detected, the detector will be placed upright. If the vertical laser line is detected, place the long blister side of the instrument upwards.

When the laser line is within the red receiving window, one of the red and green signal lights on the left side of the window will light. If the buzzer is on, the corresponding beep will be heard.

Move the detector in the direction indicated by the signal indicator. If the horizontal laser line is detected, the red light should move downward and the red light should move upward. If the vertical laser line is detected, Should move to the left, the next light should move to the right.

When the green light is on, stop the movement immediately, the laser line coincides with the red line at the center of the receiving window, and the central red line is the actual position of the current laser line.

Note: Receiver for the level of accessories, manufacturers are not equipped with instructions.