Promotions | Fu Tian Lvguang FD-6G green outdoor receivers with a level of use | private outdoor detectors

Promotions | Fu Tian Lvguang FD-6G green outdoor receivers with a level of use | private outdoor detectors

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Fukuda
  • Model: FD-6G
  • Item: Green Receiver
  • Color Classification: FD-9G FD-6G
  • Renovation and construction content: Installation Engineering

FD-6G green laser level receiver called detectors, it can not be seen or received under the laser line is weak laser.

Working radius of up to 50 meters distance. Fu Tian Lvguang laser level with use.


1, 3 surface indicator shows

Front, side and rear lights are high brightness signal is used to indicate the position of the laser line

2, idle automatic shutdown

When the detector does not receive any laser line, and 6 minutes no key is pressed will automatically shut down to save power

3, low voltage alarm

When the battery voltage is low, the power indicator will flash to notify the user to replace a new battery as soon as possible

Performance parameters:

Applicable models: Fukuda Laser Precision Instrument Co., Ltd. Original match-line vote

Detection range: 1 to 50 m horizontal, vertical 1-50 m (consistent with the use of environmental requirements)

Detection accuracy: precision ± 1.5mm, low accuracy ± 2.5mm

Power supply: 9V laminated battery

Dimensions: 146mm (H) x 68mm (W) x 28mm (D)

Weight: about 160g (with battery)

Fu Tian Lvguang Receiver Products:

Steps for usage

1. Install the battery

The detector 9V laminated battery into the battery compartment, ensure good contact with the battery electrodes reed.

2, the control panel

Power key: control the detector switch, the button corresponding to the upper right of the power LED indicates when power is on, time off means off, flashes when the battery voltage is low, replace the battery as soon as possible.

The voice toggle key: turn on or off the buzzer, used to control whether the instrument is detected after the laser line emitted sounds.

3, the laser line probe

If the detection level of the laser line, then the detector vertically upwards, if the vertical laser line probe, the instrument will be placed up side blisters.

When the laser line is located within the receive window red, red and green signal lights left of the window one lights up if the buzzer is turned on, this time to hear the corresponding sound.

When moving in the direction of the detector signal lights within the meaning of downward movement if the detected level of the laser line, the red light should be on, should move up the next red light. When detecting a vertical laser line, the red light is on should move to the left, move to the right should be under the lights.

When the green light, immediately stop moving. At this time the laser line and the reception center of the window just red lines coincide, the actual location of the center red line is the current of the laser line.

Note: The receiver horizontal instrument accessories, manufacturers are not equipped with manual mind carefully shot..