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Split digital tilt box / inclinometer / angle measuring instrument / tilt measurement sensor

Split digital tilt box / inclinometer / angle measuring instrument / tilt measurement sensor
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Dragon industry
  • Model: 360FT
  • Item: 360FT
  • Decoration and construction: procurement of the main material

Split digital tilt box 298 yuan nationwide 包邮

Is measured azimuth

Split digital tilt box Is the angle of the measured tilt (different functions)

Model: BB-360FT (model), A1-01-F (original model)

The display part of the product is separated from the sensing section for easy reading in different places and is suitable for use in inconvenient readings.

★ technical parameters
1, aluminum alloy + ABS engineering plastic shell;
2, measuring range: 0-360 °;
3, resolution: 0.1 °;
4, with 5 minutes without induction automatic shutdown power saving function;
5, the working temperature: +5 ° C ~ +45 ° C;
6, power: CR2032 3V lithium battery × 1 tablets;
7, battery life: more than 2000 hours;
8, used to measure the workpiece outside the angle and tilt;
9, the size of portable, easy to use with other measurement tools to expand the measurement range;
10, display part of the size: 50.8 × 32 × 50.8mm, line length 1m.

★ operating instructions
1, press the ON / OFF button, then shut down, turn off the LCD screen, then press the ON / OFF button to boot;
2, the initial state of the liquid crystal display is 0.0 °, when the left arrow shows '▲', said left high and low, when the left arrow shows '▼', said the left and right high;
3, the instrument placed on the platform, press the ZERO key, the value of zero, liquid crystal display 0.0 ° at this time measured the angle value is relative to the horizontal angle of the table;
4, the body of the bottom of the magnet device can be adsorbed on the iron material measuring body attachments, press the ZERO key to do the relative measurement.

★ application areas
1, wood processing (especially furniture manufacturing industry) which the precise angle of cutting wood;
2, the auto repair industry, the timing of the assembly tire control;
3, mechanical processing, the precise positioning of the machine tool angle;
4, large vehicle arm rotation angle and so on.

★ Packing parameters
1, packaging type: carton packaging
2, a single product weight: weighing about 300g