! Split Digital box tilt / inclinometer / angle measuring instrument / angle measurement sensor

! Split Digital box tilt / inclinometer / angle measuring instrument / angle measurement sensor

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Dragon industry
  • Model: 360FT
  • Product Number: 360FT
  • Renovation and construction content: the main material procurement

Split Digital box inclination 298 yuan nationwide shipping

Azimuth is measured by

Split Digital box inclination It is the measured angle of inclination (various functions)

Model: BB-360FT (current model), A1-01-F (the original model)

The product shows the portion of the sensor part of the separation, to facilitate remote reading, suitable for reading some inconvenience occasions measure angles.

★ ★ Technical Parameters
1, aluminum + ABS plastic shell;
2, measuring range: 0-360 °;
3. Resolution: 0.1 °;
4, with 5 minutes of sensing automatic off-screen power-saving features;
5, the working temperature: + 5 ° C ~ + 45 ° C;
6, power supply: CR2032 3V lithium battery × 1 tablets;
7, Battery life: more than 2000 hours;
8, for measuring the inclination of the outer corner of the workpiece;
9, the portable size, convenience and other measurement tools used in conjunction with the expansion of the measuring range;
10, the display portion size: 50.8 × 32 × 50.8mm, cable length 1m.

★ Instructions ★
1. Tap the ON / OFF key was turned off, turn off the LCD screen, and then tap the ON / OFF button was turned on;
2, the liquid crystal display early as 0.0 °, when the left arrow to display the '▲', it means the right low left high, when the left arrow to display the '▼', it indicates low right high left;
3, the instrument will be placed on a horizontal table, tap the ZERO key, zero value, LCD 0.0 ° angle is the angle measured at this time of the relative level of the value of Taiwan;
4, the bottom of the magnet assembly of the body can be adsorbed on the iron material measuring body attachment, tap the ZERO key is cleared for relative measurements.

★ ★ Applications
1, wood processing (especially furniture manufacturing industry) were precisely cut timber angles;
2, auto repair industries, the precise control of the angle of the tire assembly;
3, machining, precise positioning of the machine working angle;
4 large vehicles for arm rotation angle.

★ ★ packaging parameters
1 Packaging type: carton packaging
2, a single product weight: about 300g weight