KTS dinghy | assault | inflatable boat 12V electric air pump | pump | High Pressure Pump

KTS dinghy | assault | inflatable boat 12V electric air pump | pump | High Pressure Pump

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: TRANS- E
  • Num: 12V high-pressure air pump
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 800
  • Color Classification: 12V: GP-80 common type 12V: GP-80D with LCD 12V: GP-80B with battery 12V: GP-80BD with battery + LCD screen inflatable tube
  • Sports & Outdoors items: beach drift diving surfing water skiing
  • Time to market: Spring 2016

Electric pump inflatable tube inflatable play pump high-pressure pump 12V3.30 meter boat takes 3 minutes to 12V battery using specialized electric air pump inflatable pump
Speed ​​500L / min
Maximum pressure 80KPa
Minimum pressure 10KPa
Voltage DC12V
GW 2.7KG
NW 2.6KG
Continuous working time ≧ 1H power cord length 3M inflatable tube length 2M

Professional inflatable pump manual Easy to use
Automatic electric pump uses a 12V DC power supply 20A maximum current general car cigarette lighter can not withstand 20A current directly connected to the car battery or a self-made electric car battery
Please inflatable must be high before the whole good inflation pressure can be set by a black dial.
If you give the inflatable rubber boats, set the pressure value adjusted scale 25 (or a corresponding pressure value), the
The inflation pressure of the keel 35
If you give the floor drawing inflatable pneumatic pressure can be adjusted at 60. The pressure is set incorrectly, it may cause fatal damage to the dinghy.
Automatic inflatable air pump can also be pumped down a notch interface for pumping Interface

Please note that the wiring polarity, red is positive
Automatic inflatable air pump principle is: first, to inflatable boat (inflatable floor) inflated to 80% (without pressure) with a fan, then filled with live match
Inflatable end, air pump will automatically stop working. Pull the pull inflatable mouth continue to the next inflatable chamber